Dating Framework

Start your own Tinder-like dating business


  • Pros: 

    Watch out for scams like these. They are crooks


    They don't have the intention to do business

    Things went from bad to worst after i purchased an enterprise lincense.

    1. They have send me the light free version software without any information

    2. After i contacted them they send me the correct key.

    3. The software is full of errors

    4. Support desk is not reachable. in some cases they don't even respond on your email.

    5 After days of trying to get the software installed an running through a lot of issues i decided to return the product( refund)

    6 I think i've pissed them off. Untill now they have not respond on my request to refund my payment.

    Jsn Ee has used this product for one week.
  • CodiHubCodiHub - Professional Coding Services

    They are really good scammer


    They Scam

    They did not provide my script after my email got blocked,My new email is even if i provided them my previous email

    CodiHub has used this product for one week.


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Ahmed Zrikem@ahmedzrikem · Founder, CEO at Linkry
this thing is a ProductHunt Ripoff!! = $27 = $149 one more thing the download links dont have an iOS version only android check out both links & pricing yourself!
kavirajMaker@kaviraj · Founder
Hi :) Dating Framework is our contribution to any entrepreneur who wants to start a Dating app like Tinder, Badoo, CMB etc. We have put in tremendous effort to cover every feature or module any dating app can have. Anyone can get their Dating Business live in just 24 hours using Dating Framework. We keep adding new features every week and all upgrades are free for life :) And yes, you get 100% source code of the entire suite ( including apps ), so you can keep adding your niche features also at will. Thanks for stopping by & Have a great day! P.S: We have a very special offer for PH users :)
Ahmed Zrikem@ahmedzrikem · Founder, CEO at Linkry
@kaviraj i clicked to make a purchase at $9 for entreprise but at checkout it became $149!? anyway to fix that? thanks
kavirajMaker@kaviraj · Founder
@ahmedzrikem We reached the upper limit for that steep offer. The price is now $149. It's still a great offer.
Ahmed Zrikem@ahmedzrikem · Founder, CEO at Linkry
@kaviraj very disappointing! Only about 70 slots for PH community!
kavirajMaker@kaviraj · Founder
@ahmedzrikem as mentioned. The current Price is also an offer...
Brad Ungar@bradungar · Vice President, Greenly
@kaviraj I purchased the framework, have had issues with core functionality: Manual Registration/SignUp not working, PayPal, landing page responsiveness, lack of an United States language option. The documentation is useless for the Android app, is only geared towards Android developers. I have been in contact with support to fix the core issues but have not had any progress over past couple weeks. Most nights support is unresponsive over Facebook Messenger and Skype.
Ra Eugene@ra_eugene
I bought, but I do not recommend. Install and other problems exist. But they do not reply any emails. Also they require additional cost. Lifetime 100% refund is not true. They refused refund. I will upload detailed information how they response to customer.
Prithviraj UdayaMaker@prithviraj_udaya · Co-Founder,
Laravel & PHP Geeks, we built our own Plugin & Theme System on top of Laravel 5.1. You can checkout our docs here -> There is also API docs for you to take your Dating App to other devices like wearables, tvOS.etc ->
Filip Johansen@filip_johansen · I make SoMe 🎥 series for the next 🦄.
How is it possible to sell this for 9 dollars when you usually charge 500 ?
Prithviraj UdayaMaker@prithviraj_udaya · Co-Founder,
@filip_johansen Hi Filip. This offer is only for PH Users. This is our first product here in ProductHunt and we are looking to make great business relationships rather than making money in ProductHunt.
Filip Johansen@filip_johansen · I make SoMe 🎥 series for the next 🦄.
@prithviraj_udaya okay, does it include an iOS version?
Prithviraj UdayaMaker@prithviraj_udaya · Co-Founder,
@filip_johansen iOS version will launch in 2 months. All existing PH buyers will get the iOS Version once its launched.
Loris Maz@lorismaz · Founder, SimpleVisa
@prithviraj_udaya @filip_johansen how do we get the $9 coupon?
Prithviraj UdayaMaker@prithviraj_udaya · Co-Founder,
@lorismaz : We have crossed 75 PH Buyers, so we have increased it to $149. We will go back to the original $499 tomorrow.