Datazar 2.0

Advanced, cloud-based research collaboration

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Hello Product Hunt! We're back, bigger, better, faster! Few months ago, we showed off what Datazar was all about right here Product Hunt. We've taken all that feedback, innovated and now we're ready to show you the future of research collaboration. Read more on the updates here:
What's max size of a dataset that I can work on?
@zwigby hey there! the free plan will allow you to compute up to 100KB of data, but you can work with any file size you want on the Pro plan. you can still upload any file size though with any plan though.
Excited to throw some data at it!
@matthewlenahan let's see it! would love to play around with some of the data you have.
Hi Aman- Alberto here of authorea ( - a similar but complementary product to Datazar. We're more focused on the authoring and publishing part of the research process although we do offer data features. We'd love to integrate with you guys to offer our authors the chance to "execute" the data and code behind the figures they publish. Give us a shout!
@alberto_pepe_gentile hey Alberto! Shoot me an email aman[@]