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Hi everyone! This is the result of my compulsive bookmarking of data visualization tools over a three year period. I know, the last thing the web really needs is another curated collection. But for data storytelling/visualization there's not a comprehensive and regularly updated directory. So, I whittled down my 900+ bookmarks to about 400. Hope it's of help to people!
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Hi @carlvlewis, thanks for putting this together and for including us! What's the best approach if we think there may be some better ways to categorize our tool (Parabola)? You currently have us under dashboards, but we primarily focus on data cleaning, wrangling, conversion, etc. Here's our recent PH listing for more info:
@alexyaseen Ahh, good point! Have only briefly toyed with Parabola, but was initially impressed by its dashboard features -- will add it to data wrangling at the very least and see if it can fit in cleaning/conversion upon further testing/playing. Thanks!
@alexyaseen I've added a collaborative Google Sheet that I use to populate the site's listings to the submission page; for reference, if you want to submit edits/additions/changes, add the relevant data to the "For Review" sheet in the workbook here:
@carlvlewis Thanks! Love the transparency and will do. Great working collecting all of this data.
@carlvlewis Thanks, great to see included in Dashboards!
'Data Viz' and 'curation' - two of my favorite phrases together!!!! This is a winner for me! :) I think I love you, Carl!
Thanks so much for sharing!
curated web is always save peoples time.