Curated collection of the 400 best data visualization tools


Carl V. Lewis
@carlvlewis · Editor, News Graphics, stltoday.com
Hi everyone! This is the result of my compulsive bookmarking of data visualization tools over a three year period. I know, the last thing the web really needs is another curated collection. But for data storytelling/visualization there's not a comprehensive and regularly updated directory. So, I whittled down my 900+ bookmarks to about 400. Hope it's of hel… See more
James Welch
@jwelch · CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk
'Data Viz' and 'curation' - two of my favorite phrases together!!!! This is a winner for me! :) I think I love you, Carl!
Manindra Majumdar
@manindrax · CEO at GoFind / AI for Shopping
Very useful
Kenny Batista
@kennybatista · Software Engineer
Thanks so much for sharing!
curated web is always save peoples time.