Send and receive files with end-to-end encryption

Datash(a free and open-source application) helps you to send and receive text and files from one device to another one through browser without any login or registration using end-to-end encryption which ensures data is being sent to the intended person.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
A lot of applications do exist to share data, but it comes with a lot of login & tracking hassles and ignore user's data security. Datash comes in with end-to-end encryption without any unneeded steps. Visit to know how it works! Awaiting for your valuable feedbacks.
Nice Concept @therousan. Very useful. I would like to a have multiple download options. Currently we have to click on each files to download them. There should an option which enables me to download all the files or all the marked files as zip or something.
How is the user id produced?
@weekto It creates a random number with up to 4 digits for simplicity and later if enough users are connected at the same time, it switches to 5 digits and so on.
Great. But the only issue here is that both the parties need to be online (since I guess it is webrtc). If you can somehow remove the requirement for both to be online, it is a sure winner.
@gauravbora Yes, that would be great, and in that case server needs to cache the data in memory or disk until the recipient comes online. I will think about adding this feature in future. Thanks.