Simplify data privacy compliance for the GDPR, CCPA, & more

-DataGrail directly integrates with 100+ business systems, such as Salesforce, Adobe, & Oracle
-Discover & map personal data in seconds-not weeks or even months
-Operationalize the privacy request workflow and unify email preferences across all applications

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Product Hunters! We're delighted to share DataGrail with you. With all the GDPR challenges, the DG Privacy Portal will manage Subject Access Requests for FREE! During the signup, we provide a free technology audit of your website, including your data processors and controllers. We built this product with a passion for privacy, set up your account in a few minutes without any coding required! We're a lean team of three founders and would love your feedback!
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I keep getting redirected back to the home page when I try to login
@wadestriebel Sorry to hear that Wade! Earl (my Co-founder) will send you an email with details regarding access shortly.