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#4 Product of the DayApril 11, 2014
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Over the past few months we've spent thousands of hours curating lists of companies - by sector (mobile messaging, drones, etc), by location (West Coast, NYC, etc), by awards (Inc 5000), and more. @nivo0o0 has kept track of all these lists in a spreadsheet, which has become an invaluable resource to many of our customers to spur new ideas and leads (for investing, partnerships, or sales). We decided to make this directory freely accessible here: Anyone with a paid account or free trial can access any of these company lists and the data within them. Let us know what you think!
This is good stuff, I'm curious as to what sorts of companies use this tool?
@ashbhoopathy can entrepreneurs use this as a tool to gauge idea potential?
@msg - yes, from my understanding it's very similar to Mattermark, although I haven't used DataFox myself. cc @SparksZilla
@rrhoover I'm a little late to the party here ;-) Good seeing you at Fox earlier today. To offer a sense of how we're differentiated from CB Insights, Mattermark, and the like: we are not seeking to compete on fundraising data. Rather, we're building semantic scripts that emulate the way a financial analyst combs through databases and long-form content seeking signs of company progress or turmoil; and then we present those events in a workflow tool that will (if we get our way!) displace the need for over-spec'd CRMs and spreadsheets. The best way to get a flavor for what I'm talking about? Sign up for a free DataFox trial (no credit card needed) at and search for and follow a few companies and sectors. Then check out the summary statistics we immediately deliver to you, plus the milestones you'll start seeing in your inbox. It's still early days, so we'd love to hear any and all feedback! By the way, love what you're building here, congrats. cc @Nivo0o0 @jtriest @agoldner
@bastiaanjanmaat nice job on CNBC and Fox today - didn't know you and @rrhoover met! (...I await the day). By the way - here is the video from the Fox interview:
@Nivo0o0 yes, funny running into @bastiaanjanmaat today at the studio. @megerman, founder of Cover was there as well. Great job on the interview, Bastiaan.
@rrhoover thanks, you too! I flew back to SFO a few hours later. Next time we should co-host happy hour in NY ;-)