Generate real looking fake data for your tests and demos

It’s a pain to make your own fake data. Why? The data need to be verifiable and connect logically to look real. DataFairy is a random person generator that automatically creates fake data for tests and demos that could be mistaken for a real person.

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it's a solid product


user-friendly and straightforward



Thanks for sharing Lewis, I just tried and loved it. It will save me time for further projects for sure


Really quick, and efficient UX


Just some idea to add to make it even more usefull :

- Avatar URL

- Job Title

- Company

Thanks for the suggestions about the Job title and Avatar URL. We'll keep those in mind as we develop the app. The name of the company is displayed under the person's name and location in the app (in the grey bar on the left).
Hello Hunters! This is Kuba from Devskiller. We’re launching DataFairy today, a generator of realistic fake data for software testing and demos. Until now, generating profiles for testing and demos was a pain. When we were building Devskiller we needed good data to test and then demo the system but none of the data from available data generators made sense. We built our own solution as a fun open source library called JFairy. We wanted non-technical people to be able to use this data as well so we created DataFairy as an easy, user-friendly way that you can generate good test and demo data. The data generated by DataFairy: -Pass verifiers (credit card numbers) -Connect logically with the other data on the profile (ID numbers match sex, age, and location) -Includes realistic sounding names (no more Waddington Pickwicks in your demos) -Can be downloaded in bulk -Generated in 7 languages (English, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Swedish, Chinese) We’d love to hear what Product Hunters think about it.
This is great! Are any of the emails generated real? They look like normal emails people actually use to me.
@aafable All the data is fake but connects to the rest of the profile. That said, once or twice, we have generated an email address that we later put into Google only to find that a real person pops up.
Interesting. Quick question, who would be a typical client?
@ramy_alkadhi Anyone who does tests and demos such as sales people or software testers. We actually built the original library that powers DataFairy when were were demoing our app to populate the demo with real looking users.