For companies, managing email unsubscribes now becomes easy📩

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DataClump syncs email unsubscribes across all the platforms making sure you deliver the best customer experience and stay compliant with all the data regulations.


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  • TONY TOMCo-founder, Refly

    Easy unsubscription management if you sent product specific emails


    Need more integrations, couldn't find one that matches my use case.

    A helpful tool for a needed solution. I'd definitely pay if there were more integrations in line.

    TONY TOM has used this product for one day.


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Pranav Raj SMaker@pranavrajs · DataClump!
Thanks @arunsathiya for hunting us. Hey ProductHunters, We have been using a bunch of tools for sending emails for various use cases like marketing automation, customer support, notification emails etc. It was always a pain to sync unsubscribes across these tools. Dataclump is one stop solution for all of it. DataClump manages email unsubscribes across platforms, synchronize it automatically and make sure that you don't send an email to a wrong person. With the upcoming data privacy regulations, it is mandatory to keep track of your unsubscribes and makes sure that you don't send an email to someone who has already unsubscribed. DataClump helps you to achieve this. As part of the launch, all Product Hunter can use the PH50 coupon to get 50% off for first 3 months.
Aslam Abbas@aslamabbas · Blogger | Thinker | Observer
@pranavrajs Looks awesome. Wish you the best.
Pranav Raj SMaker@pranavrajs · DataClump!
@aslamabbas Thanks! 👍
Aslam Abbas@aslamabbas · Blogger | Thinker | Observer
@pranavrajs The timing of the product is nice. With the GDPR requirement "coming soon", many companies and enterprises will have a need for this. You could think about changing your tag line (or hero text) to "Are you GDPR ready?"
Sooraj 🌏@iamsooraj · Building AsyncMatic for remote teams
Fantastic design!
Pranav Raj SMaker@pranavrajs · DataClump!
@iamsooraj Thank you. :)
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! Super useful for people who get spammy and weird emails
Joe Kurian@joekuriank · Digital Marketing Expert
Wow !
Navaneeth Pk@navaneeth_pk1
Is it possible to integrate with Intercom ?
Subin T PMaker@ponnanikaaran · SDE
@navaneeth_pk1 We are working on adding more integrations. You can expect Intercom soon.