So much more than just an info-screen 💡

Databoard is an info-screen that will not only present you with KPI's & data relevant to different departments of your company, it also provides you with information on general news, weather, company news, and more.

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Hello Hunters 😸, First of all, we want to thank @chriskubbernus for hunting us and we also want to thank @nickabouzeid from Product Hunt for helping us out with our upcoming page! I am Rasmus one of the co-owners of Databoard. We started Databoard with the goal to bring an end to static info-screens. Our vision is that an info-screen should be flexible, real-time, it should have high levels of customization, and a simple UX. Other info-screens, dashboards and KPI solutions in the market provide training to their users so they are able to set up and use the product, which costs a lot of money and time. Sometimes employees still have difficulties with the solution after training. That’s why we made a product that is simple to set up and to use for all employees in a company, training is not needed. What makes Databoard so different compared to other dashboards is: 👉 It's easy to customize the screen 👉 It's easy to set-up your solution in 2 steps (connect the Databoard player with a screen and start customizing your Databoard through our online Editor) 👉 It's easy to integrate with other solutions through our Module Market (on the roadmap) Look around and let us know what you think of Databoard! We have a special offer for Product Hunters today 😻, you will receive a Databoard T-shirt and cup when you order today!
Hey Product Hunters one of makers here! Thank you for showing your interest in Databoard, we really appreciate it 😻 Do not hesitate to ask any questions about Databoard, we will answer them with some 😸 love
Nice presentation. I work at a co-working facility and this would work well for us.
Thank you @jeffrey_wyman 😸you can book a demo through our website for more information.
Looks good !! The pricing is way too much for Indian Rupees and first impression on the price makes me to go back and search something else . Request you to make it really flexible in pricing
@ayush_chandra The Pricing is good for European standards, but thank you for your feedback, we will definitely look into it!
Hey, just a heads up @brushoej , your PH page GET IT button sends me to the setup page of WordPress.