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Databoard is an info-screen that will not only present you with KPI's & data relevant to different departments of your company, it also provides you with information on general news, weather, company news, and more.

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Rasmus BrushojMaker@brushoej · CEO and co-founder at Databoard
Hello Hunters 😸, First of all, we want to thank @chriskubbernus for hunting us and we also want to thank @nickabouzeid from Product Hunt for helping us out with our upcoming page! I am Rasmus one of the co-owners of Databoard. We started Databoard with the goal to bring an end to static info-screens. Our vision is that an info-screen should be flexible, real-time, it should have high levels of customization, and a simple UX. Other info-screens, dashboards and KPI solutions in the market provide training to their users so they are able to set up and use the product, which costs a lot of money and time. Sometimes employees still have difficulties with the solution after training. That’s why we made a product that is simple to set up and to use for all employees in a company, training is not needed. What makes Databoard so different compared to other dashboards is: 👉 It's easy to customize the screen 👉 It's easy to set-up your solution in 2 steps (connect the Databoard player with a screen and start customizing your Databoard through our online Editor) 👉 It's easy to integrate with other solutions through our Module Market (on the roadmap) Look around and let us know what you think of Databoard! We have a special offer for Product Hunters today 😻, you will receive a Databoard T-shirt and cup when you order today!
GhezallieMaker@ghezallie · SoMe & Marketing
Hey Product Hunters one of makers here! Thank you for showing your interest in Databoard, we really appreciate it 😻 Do not hesitate to ask any questions about Databoard, we will answer them with some 😸 love
Jeffrey Wyman@jeffrey_wyman · At the intersection of Tech and Business
Nice presentation. I work at a co-working facility and this would work well for us.
GhezallieMaker@ghezallie · SoMe & Marketing
Thank you @jeffrey_wyman 😸you can book a demo through our website for more information.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Looks good !! The pricing is way too much for Indian Rupees and first impression on the price makes me to go back and search something else . Request you to make it really flexible in pricing
Rasmus BrushojMaker@brushoej · CEO and co-founder at Databoard
Thank you @ayush_chandra 😸
Rasmus BrushojMaker@brushoej · CEO and co-founder at Databoard
@ayush_chandra The Pricing is good for European standards, but thank you for your feedback, we will definitely look into it!