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Diego Iglesias@diego_iglesias · CPO/Product Manager
No OS X version?
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@diego_iglesias The desktop client is currently available for Windows only. But you can use the chrome app at-least to test the feature and signup on website to get a notification when we launch for OS X(Soon). Also, there are some workaround available to use in the meantime (we are also using theses for testing in development)
Maksim Petriv@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
@vikashrathee @diego_iglesias No way to run the .scraping script without an app?
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@talkaboutdesign @diego_iglesias Desktop app is required to run .scraping script. Coming soon : Run in Cloud using web platform, REST API or the Mobile app
Evan LodgeHiring@evanlodge · YC Backed Founder, Product Consultant
Can this do anything that Kimono can't?
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@evanlodge Kimono is just a light scraping tool Kimono can't extract data form local HTML files, Kimono can’t extract data form JSON, XML data sources locally or from WEB, Kimono can't accept more than 10k input URLs in an API, Kimono can't switch the user agent, Proxy for anonymous website scraping, Kimono can’t give you website source code, network tree, HTTP status etc. for error handling, You can’t crawl multiple website using one API (Check dynamic input feature ), Kimono can’t be scheduled at a specific time/interval. For e.g. run at 8am on Monday and 6pm on Friday and lots more. You can’t use stand alone REGEX parser for advance mode (see it in action here : and many more problem in scraping tools right now (not just in Kimono, instead most of them) solved or will be solved in Data Scraping Studio. (You can also see some pain point posted by a user here: ) And most importantly the potential business risk, if a targeted website blocked their User-agent or blacklisted their server IP address you won’t be able to crawl that website. For example if they have 100 users crawling 1000 pages every day from eBay. Which means their server is sending 100k traffic to eBay every day and eBay team can easily detect the BOT traffic (coming to site, no add to cart, no purchase) and can get block anytime. Will result you will be failed to access the data. By installing Data Scraping Studio on a windows server, you can make your own Kimono++ ( Be the owner :)
Andreas Mitschke@andmitsch · I own a computer
@vikashrathee @evanlodge Ye, kimono is pretty basic tool, not something for serious SEOs or growth fellers - more like "quick in and out" kind of thing. However, as you talked about JSON, does this mean it has no problem with lazy loading and comparable?
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@andmitsch @evanlodge Not just that, you won't be able to crawl many website using Kimono. For example try PriceTree - You will get an error. (Sorry, can't kimonify - Screenshot ) . So potential business risk to get a NOT ABLE TO CRAWL anytime.
Ernst@ernstmul · Co-founder @eVect
It looks very interesting. It's always a tedious job to create a scraper. If you could make this in a way, that the desktop client is not a necessity but you could directly convert it into a web API, this could be the best tool ever ;-)
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@ernstmul Thanks Ernst for the suggestion. Yes agreed! We are working on it and will probably launch the web application with REST API by July, 16 . Once launched, you'd be able to scrape data on cloud using the web platform and the mobile app. Thanks again!
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@vikashrathee that seems even more useful than a Mac app - run from chrome and extract to google sheets
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@passingnotes @ernstmul Thanks David for the suggestion, you will see this and more creative features coming soon to automate the data collection process.
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
An easy and powerful suite of website scraping. Just point and click element selectors Chrome app to create web scraping agent with instant extracted data preview. And then use the desktop app for advance features like batch crawling, scheduling, multiple website scraping simultaneously and more for FREE
Scott Davis@the_scott_davis · Expert iOS Developer
This is definitely one of the better scraping tools I have found and the integration within Chrome works well. Sort of useless for me though without an OS X version.... signed up for the newsletter.... hoping to see something on this soon.
Vikash RatheeMaker@vikashrathee · Co-Founder @PriceTree
@the_scott_davis Sure Scott, will send an email to you(everyone) when it's released. You can also get in touch with sales, if Data As a Service interest you!