Data-Driven Sales

How the best SaaS companies use data to grow faster


Data-Driven Sales is a collaboration with ten of the best minds in SaaS sales.

See exactly how teams at Hubspot, App Annie, Segment, SalesLoft, SmartRecruiters, and DigitalOcean use data to grow revenue and optimize their sales machines.

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Emile-Victor Portenart
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  • Robert Jakobson
    Robert JakobsonMarketing Director, PARiM

    A broad overview of a wide range of SaaS sales and marketing issues


    Lacking in detail

    Short book, probably edited together by a copywriter - made purposefully easy and catchy to read. Took me around 55 minutes to read through.

    Lacking in detail for those who actually know how to code and love maths. Gives only a general idea in what direction to grow towards. In that sense, a bit gimmicky. Would love to have had access, even if paid, to some of scripts (as in code snippets) used to gather data and a more technical process outline.

    It is probably meant for a non-tech audience of people trying to catch up to trends that started at least 5-6 years ago?

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  • Saura Johnston
    Saura JohnstonSix to Seven Figures Sales Strategist

    Detailed, specific advice


    No women. The boys club lives on in sales.

    A must read. Especially valuable for a new VP Sales at an early stage startup.

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  • Pros: 

    advice that can be actioned to improve on sales process


    No female sales leaders

    great book

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