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Data Daily is the premier B2B e-mail leads marketplace, providing access to enriched prospect data. Built for sales professionals across the globe, this is the one stop shop for lead generation.

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Build it, break it.
Build it, break it.@pointandstare · Director, Point and Stare
I'm struggling to see why this is even on PH.
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
@pointandstare Thanks for the honest feedback. Why is DataDaily on PH? There have been multiple similar projects posted here in the last few months. In general, curated lists - investors, journalists and other resonate quite well with the PH audience. You can check a few examples on the right top bar or when you search for similar keywords.
Subhanjan Sarkar
Subhanjan Sarkar@subhanjan_sarkar · Founder of SalesBridge and PitchLink
@pointandstare @vladyyy hi. Unable to buy. Any idea why? Also what does it mean when you say some lists are sold out? It is data right?
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
@pointandstare @subhanjan_sarkar Hi Subhajan, from what I see in our backend, it seems you managed? Please email me at in case you are experiencing any difficulties. Sold out means that the data has been already sold out. To preserve high quality of the lists, we only sell a limited amount of accesses each week.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
In the US, double opt-in is not required for B2B email. Many businesses have adopted the stricter B2C policies company wide, however. Canada is much stricter. EU will become the most strict in 2018 when their privacy and data protection act is fully live.
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
Hey! I'm Vlad and I'm the maker of DataDaily - we're a completely new private marketplace for B2B data used by the likes of Wayra or Microsoft Accelerator. How is DataDaily different? ✅ You can preview every data point before you make a purchase 🔍 We manually source and curate the best available data from our providers ⏰ To preserve high quality of the data, access to email lists is limited 💸 You can purchase quality email lists from as little as $7 + TODAY I OFFER A SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT FOR PRODUCT HUNTERS (find out more on our website) As I've just launched, I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys and girls. Now I am selling around 20 lists per week. So I am also looking for some partners who would be interested to help me grow the demand and supply side. If you are interested, please email me at Thanks guys, I look forward to being a part of the community 😊 Vlad
Aziz Morsly
Aziz Morsly@azizmorsly · Founder Nibduck
I'm a bit confused on the model. Do people gave you their consent to sell their email? Are you buying those emails from third parties who received the consent of the email owners? What do you do to prevent people to spam those emails?
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
@azizmorsly Thanks for raising this question. We sell email-lists for outbound emails that were gathered by vetted data providers who work for leading companies in this field. There is plenty of companies who offer this type of data out there. So how are we different: we limit the amount of accesses / and we made the lists affordable. I'm not saying "others do it - we can do it as well", I am saying cold emails and cold calls are still big part of a SDR or SR job. So we trust our customers to use this data wisely and check the spam regulations in their respective countries.
@azizmorsly @vladyyy So no consent was given?
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
@azizmorsly @cenk Full transparency, No consent was given.
Wesley Forlines
Wesley Forlines@wesleyforlines · Maker at FormFunc.
@vladyyy how then, does this not violate CAN-SPAM or whatever EU laws I’m sure that are out there?
Matt Hagner
Matt Hagner@hagnerd
@wesleyforlines just gonna take a wild guess and say it does violate CAN-SPAM.
Sooraj 🌏
Sooraj 🌏@iamsooraj · Building Carrom ( prev Asyncmatic )
Just out of curiosity, from where do you obtain these emails?
Vlad Laikić
Vlad LaikićMaker@vladyyy · Founder @DataDaily
@iamsooraj We manually source and curate the best available data from our vetted providers. Please let me know in case this explanation is not clear enough / or drop me a line at