The best data & APIs for business in a spreadsheet

dashdash is the spreadsheet with the best data and APIs for business.

It's the easiest way to access online services and build automated tools using the spreadsheet skills you already have.

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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Humberto, co-founder/ CEO at dashdash. Today we launch in open beta at https://dashdash.com ! In my years as a product manager I learned how valuable computation (websites, apps, tools, scripts) are to businesses. At the root, computation is made of components which can be summarized in a few simple actions: web requests, automation, number and text operations, etc. With dashdash, we set out to build a platform where anyone could finally use those functions to build their own tools. We want you to create interactive web apps using the spreadsheet skills you already have. 🤔How do we make this happen? 👉A familiar user experience: We built dashdash to be a grid that builds on the spreadsheet skills that 1 billion people already have. 👉The best online services: Import data from online services and interact with any API. We have integrations for Slack, Google Maps, Google Search, SendGrid, Alpha Vantage, FullContact, and others. Generate leads, get data about people and companies, send emails, and more. All from inside a cell—no scripts needed. 👉Automated workflows: Set up function running every x minutes to automate your tasks. We'd love to get some feedback and are happy to answer your questions. 🙏 What can you do: ✓ Sign up at www.dashdash.com. Starting today, we'll release accounts faster—comment with your personal use case if you want to move up in line! 🏃‍♀️ ✓ Learn more about what you can build with dashdash in our forum, follow @dashdash on Twitter, or come work with us! Check out our open positions here: https://github.com/dashdash/hiri... Let's go! Humberto
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@dashdash @hayrespereira thanks for the info - great tool!
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@dashdash @hayrespereira Hey Humberto - What are the major advantages of using dashdash over something like AirTable?
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Great question, @mike_seekwell Sum-up: AirTable is very good, but generally more focused on being a CMS/ database. Dashdash is made for workflows with data and services. Benefits you can have with dashdash that you can’t have in AirTable: 1. full versions of services and APIs. When you call a a function for an integration, you get the whole data (JSON) which can select via a simple click in our data explorer. Airtable has Blocks, which offer pre-chosen actions and data for the services; we also support more action types (SMS, email, slack, translate, CRM, directions, elevation, distance matrix, stock, etc), and you can easily use any service we haven’t integrated with via GET() and POST(). 2. we also have a more flexible automation mode. You can refresh a cell, a range, or a whole sheet automatically, and from a simple function REPEAT(). On Airtable, you have nothing like this. It’s not made for automation. 3. @dashdash is based on the excel standard. Our cells and functions are 100% compatible with other spreadsheets like Gsheets and MS Excel (min, max, vlookup, if, etc). AirTable is a new proprietary tool: functions aren’t the same and they don’t work in the same way (they work for whole columns and not for cells). Also, not all elements of AirTable are programmatic, like Blocks. This means that they can’t be used like input and outputs of other parts of your workflow, and we find that limiting. We love spreadsheets for their infinite extensibility. That’s why each of our cells is like a mini-computer, living in your browser and in our powerful BE cloud. 4. I’d also add that AirTable is a bit more limited in terms of the amount of power you get - how many rows and columns and cells you can have. This said, we find their App beautiful and useful to build databases of employee generated content - it’s an inspiring company. They also have a great API. We’re more about exposing the true power of data and services to non-engineers. I hope this helps!!
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@dashdash @hayrespereira Thanks for the detailed answer, this makes sense, good luck! And I agree on @airtable 's beauty, they've been an inspiration while we build our product.
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Hi, I was wondering who did you hire to make the illustrations of your landing page? It looks like @timokuilder's work.
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@timokuilder why don’t you answer me @torbschulz ?
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Hi @yesnoornext Thanks for your comment! We reached out to @timokuilder on Twitter on that topic.
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@timokuilder @henrique_cruz Hi Henrique, like I said to Torben in private, it's an obvious bad plagiarism of Timo's work. I don't tolerate this and a lot of people in the maker community don't accept this kind of behaviour. The person will tell you it's fair to do this in startup world is just a total prick.
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@henrique_cruz Your response to @timokuilder was an insult. What's there to explain? This isn't a matter of inspiration, the work was literally copied. A head from here, hair from there, objects from another… Take it down.
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Excel on Steroids: Haven’t been so excited about a product in a long time
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Thanks, @julianleitloff! Keep sending us your feedback 😃
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@julianleitloff thanks! It’s been a long way coming! Do check our forum at https://forum.dashdash.com
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thanks, @julianleitloff ! We look forward to hearing what you're building with dashdash
I saw the art on your site and thought of @timokuilder instantly--but he's saying he wasn't the artist. This isn't a good look, guys.
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Hey @hayrespereira, @henrique_cruz and @torbschulz - congrats on the launch! I really love the simplicity of the integrations and REPEAT to automate the sheet. If you fix the little things in the UX, this will be an extremely great product 🙌 PS: Will i be able to collaborate with my team? 👨‍👩‍👧
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Hi @eggertxyz We're working on something super cool for a next-gen Collaboration feature. Anything other UX fixes you'd like to see? 🙌
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@hayrespereira Oh, awesome. For UX, it would be sweet if you'd add some of the example use cases from your documentation into the product where the integrations are.
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@eggertxyz We will have templates for the most frequent use cases with our integrations soon. We'll keep you posted.
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thanks for the suggestion @eggertxyz ! Working on it :)