Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

The largest design kit for creating dashboards, now in React

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#5 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2018

Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 - The first and the largest design kit for web apps and dashboards developed in React with open roadmap and monthly updates.

40 Unique screens, 5 Coded in React, 3 Conceptual Apps, 1 Massive styleguide, 400+ Text Styles (In Sketch), 600+ Symbols and much more!


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  • Ales NesetrilCreative Director at STRV

    Good quality design and code



    - Jan has years of experience designing dashboards

    - Version 2.0 was a huge success already

    Ales Nesetril has used this product for one week.


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Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
Hi ProductHunt and thanks @mutlu82 for hunting! Some of you might remember me from my previous products Symbols & Styleguides, Cards for Webflow or mainly for Dashboard UI Kit. Dashboard UI Kit became the best seller on Gumroad and most popular UI Kit on UI8.net with thousands of sales in total, which I found incredible. With all this attention I wanted to take things a few miles ahead again and create something incredible, so for the past 5 months I haven’t been doing anything else in my free time than working on the next version. Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 - The first and the largest design kit for web apps and dashboards developed in React with open roadmap and monthly updates. Let’s look what’s inside: 40 Unique screens 3 Conceptual Apps (Social Network, Bnb Platform, Support Platform) 1 Massive styleguide 400+ Text Styles (In Sketch) 600+ Symbols 2 Mobile Dashboards and 2 Dark Layouts Over 70 Widgets prepared for 3/4/5/6/9/12 grid columns resolutions All available for Sketch, Photoshop and XD But that’s not over! I’ve been listening to your requests so I’ve teamed up with my good friend @roman_nguyen who helped me to take Dashboard UI Kit to the next level and get things moving, literally. With a very first release, we are introducing more than 70 components available in React as well as plain HTML and CSS and 5 screens as a starter. And because we don’t want to limit your development in any way, we are giving you an access to full source code built in modern way with minimum dependencies that is simple to integrate into your current project. You can import compiled code or you can start your fresh project on top of our dev stack immediately. → Release 1 is out from today and we are planning on monthly updates with fully public roadmap with the aim to have 100 screens for Sketch, Photoshop, XD and Figma and 60 screens available in React, HTML & CSS by Q2 next year. Since ProductHunt was always really welcoming to me, I’m happy to giveaway (15%) discount - #ProductHunt15 for you guys. Landing Page: https://janlosert.com/dashboard Gumroad Product: https://gum.co/dashboard/product...
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@mutlu82 @roman_nguyen @janlosert Looks amazing! Really nice job, honestly.
Rahmat Albařiqi@hd_riqi1 · Founder at Evius Industri
@mutlu82 @roman_nguyen @janlosert good stuff! make life much easier for freelancer like me
Nguyen RomanMaker@roman_nguyen · Product Owner, FE Dev
happy to hear! @hd_riqi1
Emanuele Ricci@stermi · I get excited about bleeding edge tech
As far as I can see the demos are not very "explorables". If I click on links it just do nothing.
Roman Nguyen@march08 · Product Owner, FE Developer
@stermi hey Emanuele, as written, there are 5 different screens coded. More will be added soon if you have a look at the product roadmap at janlosert.com/dashboard :)
Axel Norvell@axertion · UI/UX Designer at GoCo.io
@march08 Go to your website, and click Full UI Preview. Nothing happens. I'd expect to see a full screen preview, perhaps even an interactive preview of what I'm buying - but I can't.
Nguyen RomanMaker@roman_nguyen · Product Owner, FE Dev
@march08 @axertion sorry, we will update the links to be more clear. You can check http://preview.janlosert.com/
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@march08 @axertion Hi Axel, full preview links works at least on my side :) You should be able to see this 39000px long preview of all screens etc.: Since nobody else mentioned this I think problem might be on your side. If you ping me on me@janlosert.com I'll try to help you.
Emanuele Ricci@stermi · I get excited about bleeding edge tech
@march08 the UI kit is really interesting but I doubt that people would by as it is. When I spend money on this kind of kit I would like to: - see the full demo preview (to understand what can you do with that kit) - see at least the source code of some apps to understand how well the code is made
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
Wow very nice, the demo http://preview.janlosert.com/tut... is literally what I've been looking to do with React (faceted filters in a site theme). Would have loved to see a more demos and a Vue version but an awesome UI nonetheless. No responsiveness on the HTML aspect is a deal breaker personally though. I understand it's more a "design" package but the site does mention responsiveness which I do not see in the demos.
Nguyen RomanMaker@roman_nguyen · Product Owner, FE Dev
@braunshizzle hey Braunson, thank you for your feedback. In a first phase we focused on delivering of a large amount of small building blocks (more than 70 atm), components, so you can use them and build your own websites. Surely the responsivity is important and that's what we are going to focus on in the next development release so the overall page can be reusable as well. Atm we don't plan to do Vue no sooner than 3 months. Although we provide exported HTML from React, understandably it's not ideal.
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
@roman_nguyen Wow thanks for prompt response! Yep I've been picking up Vue, but could easily switch gears into React. A key selling point for me is the consistence and constant updates + being included in the initial cost. Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait to see what's next.
Nguyen RomanMaker@roman_nguyen · Product Owner, FE Dev
@braunshizzle Consistency and regular updates are our goal (ofc incl. in the initial cost)!. You can check the planned roadmap. Although the first month will be a bit slower, we still have some vacation planned! :)
Vignesh Sankar@vignesh_sankar · User Experience Designer at Vicara
@janlosert Kudos man! Have been following your project since a long time. Great work!
Jan LosertMaker@janlosert
@vignesh_sankar Thanks man! Means a lot.
brryantPro@bryantchou · co-founder, webflow
@janlosert - your stuff is incredible, congrats on this herculean effort. can't wait for this to be a webflow project one day!