Share what your design team is working on

See what your design team is working on in real-time! Dashboard syncs with your Marvel account and displays new designs as they happen - perfect for keeping everyone in the loop.

Dashboard works great with TVs and screens in the office using ChromeBit or Airplay too!

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Hi all! We created Dashboard to give more visibility into the design process and helps everyone feel closer to the products and projects being shipped by design teams. It runs off the new Marvel API and automatically displays the designs you upload to Marvel. We use it on TV screens at Marvel using Chromebit, but it works great in browsers too. Want to customise Dashboard? Grab the code on Github https://github.com/marvelapp/Das... Give it a go and let us know what you think!
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@mutlu82 Hi Murat, A quick suggestion from sales point of view : Reach out to companies who are hiring for design and product. Since they are investing in this function by hiring, they would be interested to buy your product too.
@mutlu82 @shreyaa_ratra It's open-source and free.
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You guys have been on a roll! Congrats! :)
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It's open sourced! I love you Marvel!
Nice idea!
So if I understand it correctly, this platform is for sharing and presenting designs to internal teams only?
@alexwinkyface It seems to run on node.js so you could technically host it on a server that's accessible from outside. After all it's a web application that fetches latest data and screens from Marvel via their API.
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@alexwinkyface @filipbasara Yep and you could use personal tokens to set this up super quickly, without having to add authentication. See https://marvelapp.com/developers...