Dash & Dot

Robots designed to help kids learn how to code

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Dash & Dot remind me of a thing we had when I was at school - it was like a turtle that you stuck a pen in, then you could program it to draw shapes as it rolled over paper (except these are much more functional). And with Christmas coming up (sorry), they would make awesome gifts!
I got Dash at Christmas and he's adorable. It was like having a puppy in the house and the kids really warmed to him. It's been impressive to see how the software has continually improved
This is just Play-i that was posted before in Oct 2013.
@akhil_anumolu Not enough upvotes on either. 😉 These are huge in educational makerspaces right now.
@jkdncn I know, I was the first employee there ;)
I got Dash & Dot (and a bunch of accessories) for my 7-year-old daughter for her birthday. I'm amazed to her enthusiasm to coding and robotics. These robots really made a difference in my kids life. I highly recommend the Blockly App along with Dash $ Dot