Darkroom for iPad

Faster. Easier. More Powerful.

Darkroom for iPad brings the same hyper-fast, powerful, and delightful editing experience to the big screen with an all-new, fully-responsive interface rebuilt from the ground up to be optimized for whatever device you use.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Okay this makes me want to buy an iPad Pro... Congrats team 🔥
@marty It's really remarkable how good the latest iPad Pros feel. The even bezel makes them completely orientation-less which changes how you use it
@marty Works totally fine on a cheap 9.7 as well.

This is the only app I use to color grade iPhone photos on my iPhone.


It’s incredibly fast, designed to remove the import process and is nearly feature complete.


Only available on iOS.

Thanks a lot for the hunt, @jw! For those of you who don't know us, we’re a 2-person indie company, and for the past 4 years our mission has been to make editing photos as fast and easy as browsing photos, without sacrificing creative expression. That balance of power, speed, and delight permeates the app and sets it apart. There's no import process, you can edit and browse your entire library freely, and you can tweak any aspect of a filter or make your own. Darkroom empowers photographers to edit more photos, with more creative freedom, and more fun than any other photo editor. We’d love to answer any questions you have about us, the company, Darkroom in general, this update as a whole, or where to get good Middle Eastern food in LA.

Edited our family Christmas photos with Darkroom this year. It's amazing to have this much power in a mobile application. This is the future.


Seamless iPad to iPhone photo editing; Easy-to-use; Gorgeous


None notable

I've been using the iPad build for a number of weeks and have almost entirely shifted my editing workflow over from Desktop. The only thing left is batch renaming and export functionality.


Brings my favorite editor to the iPad. Editing tools don't minimize photo view.


None that I've experienced.