A quick, powerful photo editor that gives you control

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1 Review5.0/5
You can create curves to process your photos, and save them to be reapplied later. Some other features I really love, you don't have to import & export (vsco). You can undo changes in a stack.
@pm Thank you for your support, Paul!
I love this. Not everyday I immediately load an app on my wife's phone, too.
@scobleizer Thanks Robert! Being in a saturated market, we tried very hard to make the on boarding experience differentiated.
Hello everybody! I'm the other half of Bergen and Darkroom. Really exciting to see this on Product Hunt! Also happy to answer any questions about Darkroom, and how we got to our v1.0. Matt Brown (@brownthings)
Very, very well done!
@dtrinh Thank you Danny!
Big fan of Darkroom. Finally a tool that let's me skip the computer entirely in the photo workflow from camera to publishing. Just enough control and the ability to go back in the history of changes forever made me fall in love with it.