Decentralized application (dApp) volume, transactions & data

DappVolume is a platform that lists dApps (Decentralized Applications) and users of dApps. The data provided on the platform gives historical transaction data, as well as volume and user interaction data. DappVolume allows transactional, volume, balance and users of each dApp in 1h, 24h, 7d, and all time increments! Only DV shows all time data!

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@chrislabonty nice work. I'd love to subscribe to a weekly email digest of the trending and newly popular dapps. It's a space I'd like to monitor more closely.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
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Here's 2 more you should add: - DDEX - Radar Relay It would be even cooler if you could add in things like the Waves DEX, Bitshares Asset exchange, Stellar decentralized exchange, Ripple, etc. To see which products are being used the most.
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@benbowdene Hey Ben. I will look into adding those two products later today. We are currently only supporting Ethereum. We will most likely provide support for other DAPP platforms besides ETH in the near future. Feel free to chat on me on Twitter if you want to discuss further! Thanks for your interest.
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@chrislabonty Awesome, can't wait to see it improve over time.
Hello Product Hunt, I am so happy to see DappVolume listed here. I had a feeling Product Hunt found us once I saw the traffic spike getting off the plane today! DappVolume has been in the works for a few months and it was just released this past week. We are still importing some Dapps and some transactions from the blockchain. DappVolume tracks Dapps ( decentralized applications ) on the Ethereum blockchain. Dapps have exploded in popularity the past few months and I believe they will be the major factor driving crypto forward in the future, making Decemeber look like peanuts. Dapps are revolutionizing exchanges, gaming, gambling, and much more is yet to come. DappVolume is the first application as far as I am aware of that tracks ALL history for Dapps and also tracks users ( addresses ) across all Dapps. We also provide a free API to get this data. DappVolume is also turning into a Dapp itself and some of the functionality is done with smart contracts on the blockchain. How we are different then the competition: - We show all history vs 7 days - Prices can be viewed in over 20 currencies not just ETH - There is a free and open API - User profile data from the blockchain is also shown - There is live updating ( no refresh needed ) - The profiles are more completed - Live stream of all Dapp transactions If you have any suggestions, feedback, or comments please let me/us know! Also feel free to connect with me! Maker Proof: https://dappvolume.com/maker-pro... Please someone verify me @RyanHoover @ProductHunt ^^^ Also you can connect with DappVolume on Social Media: Twitter - https://twitter.com/dappvolume Instagram - https://instagram.com/dappvolume Facebook - https://facebook.com/dappvolume Discord - https://discord.gg/kScz5WY Telegram - https://t.me/dappvolume GitHub - https://github.com/dappvolume Gitlab - https://gitlab.com/DappVolume
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Love the platform and the UI/UX! Looking forward to seeing this grow!


Dapp Data for 1h, 24h, 7d and all time hostory!

Dapp Volume is itself a dApp where you can "like" dApps and earn ETH!


Only that more people need to submit their dApps!!!

Thanks for your feedback and hunting us!
As someone new to crypto, I'd love to hear a little bit more of a thorough explanation on why this is cool and useful.
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! New to crypto and works at ProductHunt? Surprising ;) I will cover two things: 1. What are dapps and why are they useful? Dapps are decentralized applications and they are superior in many ways to normal applications. They are useful because they get rid of having to trust companies with how they process the payments/money etc because now you can trust a smart contract. If you play online gambling, you have to trust the website isn't screwing you. When you play with a smart contract you can see the website is taking X percent and the users are getting Y. This adds a level of transparency we have never seen before. This is just a few reasons why Dapps are useful. We will see them become more useful over time. 2. Why is DappVolume useful and whats it have to do with Dapps? DappVolume is the analytics platform to track all these Dapps. If you want to put money into playing a Dapp, its good to know how much volume is going in etc. DappVolume lets you get a good analysis of the entire industry. It helps you paint a picture of whats going on and what is popular. It connects meta data with the data from the blockchain to make it consumable. It also lets people see what dapps they have played and see what others are playing. I hope that better explains things. Dapps are still in the early stages right now and I think everyone will see the importance soon enough.
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