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#5 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2019
Dapps.id is an app store where you can find and review web apps that respect your identity and data. How are these apps different from regular apps? They all use Blockstack, a technology that protects the user's privacy and security.
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I am Jef, the maker of Dapps.id. I believe that we can build a better Internet. An Internet where companies such as Facebook and Google have no way to misuse or lose our data. I created this app store to help users find apps that respect their identity and data. Users can review apps, a process that helps developers build better and useful products. Because Blockstack is a new experimental platform, most apps featured in Dapps.id only work on computers (not mobile). If you already have a Blockstack identity, you can try any app in one click. Otherwise, you can create a Blockstack identity for free. I am happy to answer any questions or comments.
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@jefreybulla hi; How did you build this? Which programing language?
@jefreybulla Hello from Dapp.com and kudos to your work!
@rakesh_pandey_ This website is built with Ruby on Rails. For authentication and storage uses Blockstack.
@jun_gong Thank you. Both of our efforts are going in the same direction to make the Internet better πŸ‘
@jefreybulla πŸ’― πŸ’ͺ
Hi Piers. There are many Blockstack apps that serve as alternatives to services such as email, forms builders, document management, etc. Check them out and please review them on Dapps.id πŸ™‚.
Good one Jef. Would it be possible to have categories? Is there way to submit an app ?
@wilsonbright I love the idea of categories, thank you. As more apps are added it will make a ton of sense. Regarding the submission, most apps that participate in the App Mining Program will be added very soon!
How many dapps are up at the moment?
@christineperie2 we have 24 apps on our site. But there are over 150 Blockstack apps. We plan to add them all to Dapps.id very soon!
@christineperie2 Hi Christine, wanted to provide an update. We have now over 150 apps listed. Feel free to browse and perhaps make a review ;)
hey @jefreybulla looks great.Is the plan to only feature Blockstack apps? Might look like a maarketing campaign for blockstack
@urstrulymishra good question. The goal of the site is to feature apps that respect the user's identity and data. At the moment we are starting with the Blockstack architecture because it's production ready and a good fit to build any app. But we plan to monitor alternatives and add them if they are suitable.
@jefreybulla Great! Will contact you about an alternative I am building.