Simple shopping for savvy man

I hate shopping for clothes and have the hardest time finding apparel that fits right. I'll check this out. cc @colbyh
@rrhoover I'm quite excited about how they are handling transactions: (1) https://twitter.com/daveambrose/... and (2) https://twitter.com/daveambrose/... Why? Especially in the travel segment, purchasing rooms or flights is amazingly difficult on mobile when not buying from someone like Expedia or Priceline - the "hand off" is terrible. It looks like Dapper (and a few others, like @Lyst, in the fashion segment, or @twotapbuy, as a new means of piping) is helping to make the buying experience suck 1000% less.
@daveambrose Bah. Why isn't that on their site? That's the sort of info I care about before signing up for another clothing store app. To that end, the site gives me no idea what sort of price/quality I should expect to get from it. Will I get super cheap low/medium quality clothing? Comparatively cheap medium/high quality clothing? Do I pay a premium for ease of use (comparatively expensive high quality clothing).
Sam @harpastum , the CTO of Dapper reached out to me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/harpastum/st... The app makes answers the questions I posed clearly enough, and fwiw I quickly filled up a list of clothing I liked beyond the point where I could comfortably look through it all and make quick decisions (this is good I think, they purport to use that to give me even better recommendations)
My cofounder and I thought about entering this market a year or two ago. If anyone cracks it open, there's a big prize at the end. TrunkClub et al are terrible at recommendations, they just push you the TrunkClub style and you either like it or you don't. My concern with the automated style-learning approach is that, if Amazon still can't show me anything I want to buy successfully, then it must be a *really* hard problem. I can't think of any startup that's tackled recommendations successfully, though Pandora is probably closest. -- Tried the app but it's pretty buggy for me right now. Logged in with Facebook, then nothing happened. Then I tried browsing as a logged out user anyway, and no items load within each category. Bummer. Will try again later.