Dank Mono is the coding font you want. Designed for aesthetes with code and Retina displays in mind. Delightful ligatures and an italic variant.

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while I would give this font a ride I just could not justify $40 purchase on font with so many open-source and free alternative. It's just a monospaced font after all, not a programming tool.


reasonable good looking


$40 price tag

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Hiya, sorry that you're disappointed with the price tag. It's oriented after other coding fonts like Operator Mono (200$). I leave a couple of discount codes here and there (check my comment on here) but essentially every coding font has different goals, and as an independent creator of it, I'd like to finance my work properly. Sorry, if that put you off, but I hope you'll try the font one day :) Btw, I would also disagree with the assessment that this is not a programming "tool". It very much is part of your every day life. You can read more about this reasoning in the Medium post I wrote.
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@_philpl can you provide more choices for buying/licensing it. That would be great because font usage vary people to people and if you can provide more choices like other fonts has, would make people buy it. :)
I write code everyday in life. However £40 for a monospaced font? If you buy this then congratulations, you clearly have money with which to set fire to.
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@mickc79 I agree, it'll be good to have a separate licence for $1 or something similar to support the project and use it in my code editor, and the $40 license if you want to use it commercially or in your webpage for the code snippets
Hiya, There are many coding fonts out there, but before you judge it too quickly, let me tell you the story of how “Dank Mono” came to be. There a lot of coding fonts out there that focus on rendering well at a wide range of font sizes. But when I previously used some of them, none were as beautiful as some display fonts out there. I really wanted a coding font that is designed with aesthetics in mind at reasonable font sizes like 14px. So this is why I eventually made Dank Mono! With the main goals of italics, having some ligatures, powerline symbols, and small details on every single letter. I hope you all like it! Cheers! Edit: One more thing, if you decide to buy Dank Mono please feel free to use this 15% coupon code: "producthunt27783"; Grab 'em while they're hot, since it's only valid for the first 30 people! :) Edit 2: The coupon has now been extended to more people (45)
@_philpl I purchased the font :) Thanks man! Good job!
@_philpl anyyyymore coupons out there floating around? :) I'm itching to give this font a shot.
@_philpl you got anymore coupon, I'd love to get my hand on this, wicked beautiful.
@bcphung @zhud I've extended the coupon to be valid for 45 ppl :)

My code has never looked more spiffing.

I was initially concerned that ligatures would be confusing, but nothing could be further from the case: if anything I'm concerned about not having the visual affordance now!

I love it.


1) Dankness 2) The "f" character 3) The ligatures rock


You use it to write code. Boo.

Have you tried the free Fira Code and its listed alternative? https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode