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The best alternatives to Daisie are The Gen-Z Guide to Freelancing by Continuum, Artup, and Showwcase. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Daisie
  • The by creatives, for creatives guide to starting and elevating your freelance business.

  • Artup is a platform that connects artists around the world with businesses and with each other. Artists can find other talents to collaborate on creative projects. All artists start as Rookies and must complete a specific checklist to level up to the next level. This helps our businesses and artists find reliable & credible artists.

  • Showwcase is a social network built and optimised for developers. Developers can connect, share their knowledge and showcase their projects with like-minded individuals. For developer content creators, you can make money via paid subscribers.

  • Developers choose Observable as an all-in-one solution to help them create and deploy expressive, performant data apps, dashboards, and reports. Builders can iterate and explore data in live, collaborative notebooks. Then, using the open-source Observable Framework, they can create instantly loading data apps locally, using any language or library. It’s easy to securely deploy and host data apps on Observable. We take care of SSO, workspace management, audit logs, and more.