An iOS app for tracking daily tasks

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Hello Product Hunt, My name is Maksim and I'm happy to present my first launched project 🎉 DailyQ is an iOS app that helps you track your daily tasks and develop a habit of completing them every day. It has a clean and user-friendly interface. DailyQ doesn't require you to spend a lot of time for it, it requires only 2 minutes: 1 minute in the morning to read your tasks and 1 minute in the evening to mark your tasks as 'completed' and 'failed' - that's all. To make sure you will not forget to do this, DailyQ will remind you in the morning and in the evening to open it and spend a minute for it. I would love to get your feedback and answer your questions :)
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@silencerweb Hi Maksim - Tracking tasks is very interesting indeed! Have you thought about tracking passive metrics as well? It would be great to have your app recording personal biological metrics using other APIs along with tracking the tasks - thoughts?
@aliciaheraz Hi Alicia, I haven't thought about it yet, but it sounds really interesting! Could you give some examples of API that I could use so I could check them out and think about it? :)
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@silencerweb there are many APIs for emotion analytics... It depends on the type of input you can collect via your App. I recommend Kairos API to detect emotions from face, Bitext sentiment analysis framework to detect emotion from text, Vokaturi to detect emotions from voice and Emaww API to detect emotions from touches (the coordinates X,Y, force and size of your users' fingers in your app)... Which data could you collect with your current app (or the next version)? I think that increasing users' emotional awareness is key for their well-being!
@aliciaheraz I'm not sure right now what kind of data I can collect and I don't think I will implement what you told in the next version because I have other priorities right now, but we will see :)
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@silencerweb I've been wanting this exact app for ages! Do you plan on making an Android version?

Great way to track daily tasks. No added frills. Perfect!


Amazing Design. Original Idea


None I can think of

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The project is interesting, but as the first - very good


Convenient organization of time


There is no detailed "hard" system for working with tasks

I use only android and it is very strange to haven`t app on another from iOS platform


Great design


Only iOS

@tavriaforever Hi, Nikolai! Actually, this app has an Android version, but I haven't published it to Play Store yet because I didn't finish it. Design and functions are all the same on both platforms, but the Android version is a little bit glitchy, especially swipes. I don't know right now should I publish it like that or not, but I will think about it and I will try to come up with a good solution. Stay tuned!
This looks similar to Productive app Productive - Habit Tracker by Apalon Apps https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...