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Daily Prompt is a growing community of creative writers getting better at what they love.
Tap into your imagination with daily writing prompts designed to encourage writing prose. Every day provides a new inspirational writing prompt that all users share.
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Daily Prompt was created out of my frustration as a writer trying to overcome my writer's block and lack of feedback. I searched all over for inspiration writing prompts and when I couldn't find I decided to create a solution for both of these issues I was having.
As a writer that also frequently suffers from writer's block, you have my +1!
@shagun_kazan Thanks very much and hope you're always able to beat that writer's block!
I worked with Danny to create this product. It's currently just in MVP stage and it's still getting some traction which has been great to see. Any problems you come across I would love to know about and also any thoughts/feedback is super welcome. There are a ton of features that users have asked for which we're currently building such as to build an author profile, be able to see writings stats, write own unique pieces of content etc.
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