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Customer analytics for Shopify

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Ludwig OstrowskiCo-Founder & CTO @adtriba
Thanks for the post, @erictwillis. I'm the founder of DailyMetrics and we are positively surprised to be on Product Hunt. Right now we are in an early stage after our pivot a few weeks ago. The initial case was more in the direction of "Business Intelligence for SaaS Users" but we recognized the huge opportunity to move our focus into the e-commerce market. It's great to see, when shop owners can utilize their data in order to not only improve their numbers, but also to improve the customer experience. I'm happy to answer your questions and also appreciate any kind of feedback.
Eric Willis
Working on something new
One-Click Integration to connect your shop and email marketing service and instantly start collecting shop transaction, email, visitor and customer activity data. View all your metrics in a single place, ready for the DailyMetrics Analytics Engine to answer your most complex questions with segment, funnel and retention analysis. Based on your insights you will be able to optimize the on-site experience and journey for your visitors and increase engagement by sending tailored emails to customer segments.
is this still up and running?