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I love that @JoshMuccio is doing this. A few weeks ago he tweeted at me, asking for feedback on some names for the podcast. I honestly didn't think he would actually do it, let alone continue podcasting, nearly every day. Awesome work. What's your goal with the podcast, Josh? Soon you'll publish more episodes than Product Hunt Radio. 😃 P.S. check out yesterday's podcast with @brian_lovin on the launch of Buffer's new project, Pablo.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Yeah, I realize I'm crazy for doing a "daily" podcast (Mon-Thu). I figured I'm spending all this time on Product Hunt each day, I might as well do something useful that others will enjoy. I've always been very curious about the backstories, technologies, and people behind the products we see here everyday. Sometimes the maker of the product will tell the story in a blog post, but not always and I usually don't take the time to search for it. But if there was a place where the stories are shared in real time, and you can count on a new story everyday (Mon-Thu); then maybe I would gain a deeper understanding of how successful products are built. The Daily Hunt is just that! I interview one maker behind one of the popular hunts each day. Then I publish the episode that day! If you don't like founder stories, then you won't like the podcast :) Eventually (pie in the sky) I would like to have small team of people to help interview founders and make producing the episodes a more turn-key operation. But for now it's just me. This podcast is for the Product Hunt community, so you tell me what you want from a daily podcast!
@joshmuccio YES! We've discussed internally how much time to spend telling maker stories ourselves. I'd love to create a destination of written content, video interviews, audio podcasts, etc. highlighting the backstory of the 16-year-old kid that made a cool app to well known CEO's launching a new product. But that takes a lot of time and talent to do right and we need to focus. I love the idea of the community -- yourself and others -- helping tell the story of makers. Let me know how we can help. 👊
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@rrhoover @JoshMuccio dig the show, thanks for sharing. +1 subscriber
@rrhoover @erictwillis's Product Hunt Stories [http://makersuccess.com] is another great example of a collection of maker stories. I would LOVE to create what you mentioned ☝️- There isn't a shortage of good stories for sure! It's only a matter of time and resources needed to build the team behind it. Sure sounds fun though! 😀
It was super fun getting to chat with @joshmuccio yesterday about Pablo, I'm excited to follow along with Daily Hunt and see how things evolve from here :D
@brian_lovin Thanks for the support Brian. Yesterday's episode was a lot of fun!
@rrhoover @mdekuijper @brian_lovin @bramk @alexmuench @quser @rywalker @christoy @spencer414 @ramtinnikbakht Today's #DailyHunt episode was... well I'm not even sure how to put it in words... It was real. I hope you like it. YOLO! https://dailyhunt.co/launch/
@joshmuccio Loving it. Great idea, podcast and episode. I've already caught up on your last 3. Looking forward to the rest this weekend.
First heard of it on monday when we launched Short and I'm glad I had the chance to be interviewed. I think the idea of the podcast is great and hearing all the different stories. It already feels like a part of Product Hunt for me. Keep it up, @joshmuccio!
@alexmuench Thanks Alex! Your episode (https://dailyhunt.co/short/) surprised me! Had no idea you built your app as a final project in university. I'm excited to see what you do next!
Congrats on spotting an opportunity and jumping on it, @JoshMuccio ! (Even better: sticking with it!!) I've thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I've caught so far. Thanks for getting us the inside stories on founders and products!
@thedavidjohnson Thanks David! If there's anything you think I can do to make the show better, please let me know 👌