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Free video calls & screen shares embedded in Intercom

Better engage and impress your customers, with video calls in Intercom. What’s different about Daily.co for Intercom is that you can embed the video right in your chat; as well as screen shares. No Daily.co account is needed, no downloads and free dial-in. Totally free. Give it a try!

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Hi there! We’re really excited to share our new Intercom app with the Product Hunt community. Intercom’s new app platform for Messenger is fantastic. It allows you to integrate different tools right into your Intercom conversations, so you can get things done and achieve goals more effectively, right in Messenger. We’re happy Intercom customers ourselves, and regularly switch to video for support or product demos. Even still, we thought it’d be awesome if we could video chat right in the Intercom conversation; so we built our no download, Daily.co video calls right into Intercom Messenger. Some high level notes: - You do not need a Daily.co account (integration is completely free) - As an Intercom user you can screen share with your customers - For video calls both you and the customer need to be using Chrome. We detect your customer’s browser, and send dial-in info for customers not on Chrome. (Currently, we offer free dial-in for 25+ countries) - Control your customers display settings: You can change where the video call appears for the customer. Choose to embed right in Messenger, or force the video call to open in a new tab - Customer can screen share, too. Just have them open the video call in a new tab. (Customer cannot screen share from Messenger.) We'd love to hear feedback from any Intercom users!
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@stephenmeszaros this is awesome! We’re already big Daily users and this integration is yet another great way to use the product.
I want to second @stephenmeszaros' praise of the Intercom Messenger platform! It's really, really cool. Being able to create a custom UI inside the Messenger framework enables all sorts of interesting things. The Intercom team has been super responsive, too, whenever we had questions. At Daily.co, we're obsessed with video, as you can tell. But we've also got a bunch of ideas for other things we plan to build into Messenger -- some internal and some public-facing. If you're thinking about building an Intercom app, it's definitely worth jumping in. Happy to expand more on how we got started and then what it took to flesh out this app for production, if that's of interest to anyone.
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@kwindla yes That would be interesting to me. Very nice job btw 💪
@kwindla @anderiep Thank you! Love Prandible's local business focus. It was really interesting seeing your target audience of local shops. How are you using messaging on your site, as you're in beta? We'd love any thoughts about your use case.
@anderiep So you can get started just by implementing two HTTPS API endpoints. The first endpoint is triggered when your App is first opened up during a Messenger conversation, the second is called when the App's information is ready to be sent to the person you are chatting with. If you're using something like Node and Express, a "Hello World" example is about 10 lines of code. We developed on our local machines and made heavy use of ngrok -- https://ngrok.com/ -- to create an HTTPS tunnel that makes our dev machines (temporarily) visible to the world so that the Intercom servers can hit endpoints running on them. Then, to get things ready for production, there are three slightly more complicated/powerful tasks to work through: 1. You can build arbitrarily complicated customization workflows inside the App. There are UX elements like buttons and formatted text boxes. So, for example, in our App by default we create a unique (but generic) video call link for each conversation, but a user can also paste in one of their custom video call links. 2. You can use the various APIs that are part of the Intercom platform to access data about the conversation and user. So, for example, we save the user's preference about whether to default to an instant link or a custom link. To do that, we look up the user's Intercom id when we are they first trigger our App during a conversation, so we can pre-fill our little UI according to what the user did last time. 3. Before going live, you need to implement at least a very basic OAuth flow for installing the App from the Intercom App Store. Hope that's a helpful overview!
I'll give it a shot! Love seeing these new app integrations with Intercom.
@matt_mclelland1 Thank you!! Yeah, this new platform is great, and would love to get any feedback on what you find useful as a growth agency.
Super excited to get Daily plugged into Intercom! This is a really fantastic way to get face to face with a potential client and provide them a product demo immediately. Fantastic work by the team at Daily.co! Thanks so much for putting this in place!
Such a fantastic app - adding video calls to the messenger is so powerful and makes providing more personal sales and support that much more seamless. Thanks for building on our platform and being part of our community, glad to hear it's been a great experience too!
@tales_of_cake The new platform is awesome! We have Intercom open all day, so this was really neat to build - thank you! 🍻