A personal URL for all your video calls

#2 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2017

Daily is your own URL for video calls, free. No downloads! Teams, 50 person calls, international dial-in, screen shares, lock rooms on your domain. Get a URL you like!

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Literally used Daily yesterday. My mom was able to screen share, so I could remotely troubleshoot her computer. Just to underline: It was so easy, my mom was able to use it.
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@jimgibbs Thank you! Hardest working son in the galaxy -- remote tech support. :-)

We've been using this product since it's inception. I've used all of the other platforms and this is by far the easiest. Quality is great. No software, just click on a link and it works. (Disclosure: i've had access to the product since inception because we are also investors.)


Easy and works every time!


Meeting recording would be great

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Thanks for doing the disclosure. +10.
Hi Product Hunt, and thanks to @justinkan for hunting us! Last year, our team launched inexpensive hardware for video conferencing here on Product Hunt, and now we're back with a pure software release. We think video calling is super interesting. More and more people depend on video calls to get their work done every day. And using video regularly completely changes how remote teams work together. Our goal all the way along has been to build the communications tools that *we* want to use. We think video calls should feel like a natural part of your life and your workflows. Daily lets you set up a URL that's all yours, manage teams and rooms in a simple dashboard interface, and join calls without downloading any softaware. Features we're most proud of so far: - Personalized and human-readable call URLs, like kwindla.daily.co/hello, and acme-hq.pluot.co/eng-standup - No software download needed - Dial-in numbers for every call - Two people can screen share at the same time - 50-people can be in a call at the same time - Super-simple team management and meetings privacy/permissions - All of ^^^ is free! - Everything works on our Pluot hardware, too, if you want an affordable, zero-admin video calling appliance for your conference rooms. What we're working hardest on right now: - Safari and Edge support. (Right now we're Chrome-only.) - Meeting recording We'd love to hear what you think of Daily, what we can do better, and what features you'd like to see us add. Now go get the custom URL you want, before somebody else does! :-)
@justinkan @kwindla This is dope! Daily is like Appear dot in but on super-steroids. I have seen services that allow only 6 to 8 people at a time (Appear and House Party) but Daily allows 50 people at a time per room, am I right? So we can actually organize a small webinar that's open to a limited number of people. Is there any premium features planned, if yes what is it? Can people join the meetings via Chrome on mobile as well? Kudos to the team!
@justinkan @adithya Thanks!!! You're right - up to 50 people in a meeting. Also, dial-in telephone numbers for 20+ countries, so people can join by phone, too, if that's more convenient. We're testing/tweaking for Chrome on Android, and working on iOS as well. We should be able to launch full mobile device support soon, At the moment, we're not planning any premium software features. We are going to keep launching new features -- meeting recording, an API -- but we're trying to offer as much as we can for free. (We can do this because we *do* offer our hardware appliance as a premium service. The hardware is how we make money.) We'd love to hear what you'd like us to add/improve/change!
@kwindla Good to know, I will connect with you on this and Pluot later :)
@justinkan @kwindla are you planning custom domain.xyz service?
@nur_myrza A couple of people have asked us about that. You're thinking of being able to use any domain, not just xyz.daily.co? If so, it's something that's on our todo list, but will require some more backend code on our part, and will only work for people who have control over their own DNS. In the meantime, here's something that will work ... There's a really neat service -- http://redirect.name/ -- that lets you set up an HTTP redirect using only DNS records. Using redirect.name, you can set up http://something.domain.xyz to redirect to https://your-domain.daily.co/a-room You can set up as many of those redirects as you want to (you just need to be able to add CNAME and TXT records to your DNS. The only slightly less than optimal thing is that the redirecting URL can only be http, not https.
Nice work guys. The teams dashboard to put your teammates on the same URL is dope!
I’m really excited to have been a part of this release, and this great team! It’s truly been a huge team effort, and one in which we’ve designed and built as a distributed team ourselves. As the sole designer I’m also very glad to have a detail-oriented and focused team to work with me; and many, many times, keep our design principles in check too 😅 That said we all appreciate any feedback, comments and the like. Feel free to reply to me here with any design related questions—UI, UX, you name it. There’s much to do and we are eager to improve our pixels and user experience for the Product Hunt community and beyond. Cheers! Steve