Live audio streams that listeners can ring in

#4 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2019
Live audio streaming platform where the speaker can invite any listener to join the conversation. Just hit a button and start recording; the stream will be automatically saved for you to share.
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Hi everyone - I’m Takahito Iguchi, founder of Doki Doki, Inc., the team behind Dabel. In my life, I had times where I just wished I had someone to talk to; anyone. Until now, audio streaming (e.g. podcasts, live streaming) has been one-way, so it was important that the listeners could also talk in any stream. With Dabel, users can experience deeper interactions by expressing themselves with all of the emotions they feel, with their voice, while listeners can interact in real time with text or voice participation. The streams are then automatically saved, so they can be played later or shared on social media. It’s only iOS for now, but we hope to create an Android version in the near future. We’d love some feedback and I’ll be around to answer any questions!
@takahito_iguchi Is the android version coming soonish, or is it more just planned for the future?
@amirromi2 We planned for the near future of providing Android version of Dabel.
Reminds me of Anchor, which was acquired and recently integrated into Spotify... What lessons from Anchor might applied here?
@chrismessina Dabel is a live stream platform of voice chatting. Anchor is a static podcasting platform, our product value position is essentially different. We hope to create new conversation space for any isolated people. Thank you for your comment!!
<3 <3 <3
@damjanski Thanks Damjanski!!
Looks like a great alternative to Dialog 👍 Love the ability to also engage with streams through comments.
@lachlankirkwood That you for your sharing Dialog. and we really loving to have voice conversations with any new friends in Dabel.