Da Vinci Eye uses basic AR to virtually overlay an image on a real surface for you to trace. It is the ultimate tool for any artist, graphic designer, art students, sign makers, and even bakers! You can learn how to draw with step by step lessons, trace your own photos, or break images down into layers for a paint by numbers type of project.

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This is why we need AR glasses.
@josselinco I agree! AR glasses will make it easier to use this app.
Any plans to release an Android version in the near future?
@patrick_udeh Yeah! I want to work out all the kinks in the iOS version first. I'll probably start on that project in the next few months.
Hey @sam_gherman, Tell us more! This seems so cool. What made you want to build this and how does it differ from other similar products out there?
@jacqvon Hey! Thanks for reaching out. There were a few reasons why I built the app... First, I am an artists myself and its something that I wanted to make. It helped me create a special kind of effect for a project I was working on. I realized the potential it had and released it figuring that other people would find it useful as well. What I found was amazing... people were coming up with the most creative uses for the app, we had over 50k downloads in the 1st 5 weeks with almost no marketing budget, and I was getting emails from users thanking me saying that they always wanted to learn to draw and this app was giving them the inspiration to do it. The first launch was a proof of concept that I slapped together using Corona SDK. I've spent the past year building the app in Swift, which previously I had no knowledge of, and just relaunched it in August with a ton of new features. This app differs in a lot of ways... This app isn't just about tracing a picture, it actually teaches you how to draw and has advanced features for artists that other apps don't have. I realized at some point in this process that the future of learning how to draw is through augmented reality. There is no better way to train your eyes, mind, and hands to work together. Imagine having Leonardo Da Vinci guiding your hand teaching you how to draw, thats what the future is like and this app is getting there... The best part is it keeps you motivated because what you are creating while you are learning to draw actually comes out looking great!
Really awesome app for a beginner.



Can't say....


Not on Android. .