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#5 Product of the DayJuly 24, 2014
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Ryan, you are exactly right. We see Twitter as our competition more that confide. What you post on Twitter adds to your digital profile. Tweets from 5 years. Who you retweet. Who retweets you. All can be action items for a third party. With Cyber Dust Android, we have the start of a scripting platform that allows you to blast to all your friends. To people who follow you but are not friends. Groups you create. I have 10k followers and could have more but we need to test at this level. But to those 10k I send messages. I send Gifs. I send invites or pics with maps, I can send links to video and soon shoot and send or upload videos to the same combinations No one knows who follows u orbit are friends with but you. Android users can not take screen caps. Apple users can, but we do not show the user ID so it won't be on the screen cap. And we alert you whwn they do it Plus we are adding script functions that will allow you to only to blast only to devices that can't screen shot. Click to buy content and more. And BTW it does messages too. You can message and the content never touches a hard drive anywhere. Not on the device. Not on the server. . When it's read. It's then gone Happy to answer questions M
@mcuban thanks for jumping in. Ironically, I was chatting with @poornima, @jewelia, and @eriktorenberg yesterday about this topic. While I love love love Twitter, it has some issues with it's follower/following system that only gets worse over time. When I follow someone, it's hard to unfollow them in the future. Similarly, when someone is following you and continuously engaging (in a non-spammy way) for several weeks or months, I feel social pressure to follow them back. What's the biggest change or surprise you've found since Cyberdust launched, Mark?
@mcuban I'm curious about Cyber Dust, but why couldn't communications via Cyber Dust be subpoenaed just like any other service? What makes it different? (maybe I just don't understand the law... ๐Ÿ˜„)
@mcuban Hey Mark, I've heard you mention Cyber Dust a couple times, one of them at your talk at the Launch Festival. You tend to talk about it in the context of business and litigation. But the screenshots in the Play store are consumer-y, Snapchat-esque. What is the demographic like of the users you've adopted so far? Are you finding that a growing digital profile resonates with any particular age range?
@machinehuman I'll let @mcuban answer, but anything can be subpoenaed - doesn't mean it will be helpful (ex. not holding private keys to encrypted data). Sounds like a technical question. Like Mark said "You can message and the content never touches a hard drive anywhere. Not on the device. Not on the server... When it's read. It's then gone."
@rrhoover people always say they feel like they are having a face to face conversation and can be more open and honest. And when I use blast (Twitter like features) I don't get hate or spam. People feel like they are only talking to you so they don't reply like they are trying to sound like a big shot to an audience. Which is exactly what they do with Twitter Mavs fans life the blasts. It's been a big pleasant surprise how viral it has been for mavs fans
Allow me to add an asinine comment to this otherwise fruitful and thoughtful discussion... What's with the name Cyber Dust? Feels like it came out of a bad 80s hacker movie.
@guygal that was intentional. Kids loved it adults smiled. Only baby boomer techies disliked it. That said we are going to change the name to dust because our users talk about dusting
@mcuban bottoms up branding, dust has a good ring to it (and added bonus, is also the street name for pcp)
I have seen a lot of promotion about Cyberdust from @mcuban on Twitter, and after reading this, I genuinely see the upside to not leaving anything behind that can be used by anyone for malicious purposes. Seems like this could do very well in Hong Kong, since so many business people want to keep a low profile here.
Mark Cuban's CyberDust now available for Android.
Cyberdust started off looking very similar to Confide, an app to communicate ephemeral messages securely, but has evolved to something quite different. I think @mcuban once described it as a "dark Twitter" (correct me if I got that wrong, Mark) -- a network for one-to-one and one-to-many broadcasts without permanence. Increasingly I'm careful what I say publicly (and sometimes privately), concerned people may misinterpret or "attack" me because I said something politically incorrect. Cyberdust's disappearing conversations encourage more honest discourse, similar to how we speak privately among friends.