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CX Builder is a brand new drag-and-drop tool enabling businesses to design and deliver personalized mobile web experiences in minutes, without a single line of code! CX Builder gives your business the ability to dramatically enhance customer engagement through in-the-moment, mobile-friendly interactions.

  • Lisa Guillaume
    Lisa GuillaumeProduct and Marketing Executive

    Easy, intuitive, mobile, - eliminates the need to build apps


    Needs a survey feature but I think it is coming soon

    The CXB is a very intutive (no training required) interface to build app-like experiences for all your communications with customers. Each app can be personalized on the fly for each customer's unique profile/needs.

    Lisa Guillaume has used this product for one year.
  • Mike Mayock
    Mike MayockPartner, Formotiv

    Simple, intuitive. Anyone can create & deliver mini web apps for important customer engagements


    Needs one or two additional message action features like 1-click confirmations, but i’m told they’re soon to come

    Very easy to use for all employees regardless of technical ability. Really helped with mapping out customer engagement flows from inception through end-user delivery. What used to take weeks if not months + cross departmental project management now takes minutes

    Mike Mayock has used this product for one year.
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Brieana LaVigne Tascione
Brieana LaVigne TascioneMaker@brie_tascione · CMO @ Relay Network
Hello PH! Brie here from Relay. Let me tell you why I am so excited about the launch of CX Builder. As marketers, we tend to talk about the customer journey in broad strokes — learning, buying, onboarding, usage, payment, support. When we’re that unspecific, we're not just missing details, we're missing the entire picture. The truth is, it’s all the little fine points along the customer journey that can make or break an experience, and the best marketing is awesome customer service. CX Builder gives Marketers, Product Owners, CX and Digital leaders the POWER to build and create super personalized digital experiences that get delivered right when your customer needs them. Because at the end of the day, as a customer I don’t want you to solve THE problem. I want you to solve MY problem. With CX Builder, businesses can do just that through the instant delivery of intuitive, mobile-first, individualized solutions. A shout out to all those who contributed to making this happen…the incredible, fearless Relay team, our amazing clients, the countless analysts we spoke to, the awesome, passionate team at Anexinet, our users for giving us such valuable feedback…and now YOU Product Hunt universe! Thank you, and please help spread the word!!!
Heather Blair
Heather BlairMaker@heatheratrelay · Product Manager, Relay
Hey Product Hunters! 👋 Heather here, from the Relay product team. We're extremely excited to introduce the PH community to CX Builder, a brand new tool enabling businesses to design, configure, and automate personalized customer experiences within the Relay platform. With CX Builder, we set out to create a product that makes it super simple for businesses to scale their customer support/service efforts and easily solve in-the-moment needs for all customers! CX Builder is the most dramatic enhancement to our product to date and empowers marketing, digital, and CX teams to create and test journeys, make real-time updates, and optimize results based on individual customer needs, all without writing any code 😊 CX Builder is now available to Relay Network customers across service industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, cable, energy, utilities, and more. Questions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you.
Alexandra La Vigne
Alexandra La Vigne@alliethe_cat · Executice Assistant, Abbot Downing
CX Builder completely changes the game when it comes to delivering stand out customer experiences. Amazing product. Amazing team. Well done!
Heather Blair
Heather BlairMaker@heatheratrelay · Product Manager, Relay
@alliethe_cat Thank you!!!
Stephen Gillin
Stephen Gillin@stephen_gillin · President, Relay Network
CX Builder allows our clients to change the way they communicate with their customers. Real time, dynamic, and personalized experiences can be delivered in the moment. We are super excited about the opportunities for both Relay and our clients!! Check it out and spread the word!!
Peter Flick
Peter Flick@peter_flick · CEO, Remarkable Health
Strong to quite strong