We analyzed 1M tech resumes to create an online revision tool that would scan your dev resume and indicate its weak points in real time.

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Hey hunters, It’s been a while since we’ve launched our GlossaryTech recruitment toolbox on PH. Today, we’re excited to introduce CV Compiler to you. We analyzed 1M tech resumes to create a go-to online tool that would scan dev resumes and indicate their weak points in real time. CV Compiler combines NLP and machine learning to analyze and score your resume and then offers immediate suggestions on how to make it better. Built for developers, by developers The service is currently designed for tech professionals: Software Engineers, DevOps, Data Engineers/Scientists, QA Specialists, and the like. However, we plan to make it available for other specialities in due course. A quick recap of the key features: - Real-time, personalized feedback on your tech resume - Concise tips on how to improve it - Tech insights (how well your resume matches up with the top skills required at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon…) - Your positioning (how recruiters using an ATS see your resume) - Resume & cover letter templates - Effective lines (resume bullet point examples) - LinkedIn hacks - A handpicked list of useful career-related articles Coming soon: - Different payment options - An opportunity to convert your current resume into a web template for its further editing (enhancement) and downloading - The most popular keywords for jobs within different tech stacks (JS, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, etc.) Try it yourself today, we have a special promo code for you: HeyProductHunter. Curious to hear your feedback. Thanks, Andrew
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I just tried it out with some of my candidates and it really makes a difference. I like the part where it shows the score! UX is very intuitive for a such complex product. Great job @stetsenko_me !
@ruslan_khalilov Thanks a lot for your kind words! We did our best 😉
Super useful! I see a business opportunity here: you could provide this tool as a SaaS to companies. Implement a version for them which basically "overfits" certain traits that are important for a given company's culture/position. This would automate recruiters jobs quite a bit and rate candidates better for a given position!
@zelena Thanks a ton for sharing your feedback. We'll get these notes on our team's radar.
Simple and Effective just what i need!

I've used CvCompiler to analyze my resume, and It really was beyond my expectations. It's fast and have a great UI. The recommendations that the CvCompiler gives you, is very important for your resume and job search. It scans your resume for bad content, and then shows you how to replace it with correct words which a recruiter would contact you for an interview.


Analyze your CV very fast and give you great recommendations on how to improve your CV's content to catch recruiter's eyes.


It's only for Tech CVs

I just get API errors when uploading
Same. I wished it worked for Designers too. It’s a great idea!