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I work on the technical side of Cuvva. Happy to answer any questions :)
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@billinghamj used this over Christmas whilst back home at my parents, still surprised how easy it was! Great job 👏🏻
Best business model of the year, Cheers guys.
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@loukmannacik Thanks Loukman!
We started out 2 years selling with Cuvva sharing which allowed people to get insured on a friends car for a little as an hour in just a few taps. Now we are happy to announce Cuvva for owners which is designed for people who own a car but don’t very often. Currently low mileage drivers pay excessive premium which basically subsidise high mileage drivers which isn’t fair. If you don’t drive very often then you shouldn’t be paying as much someone who drives all the time which is why we created Cuvva for Owners. You simply pay a low monthly subscription between £10-£30 and then few pounds per hour every time you drive.
Hey @_freddymac, is there a certain customer profile (number of years no claims, value of car, etc) that sees greatest monetary benefit in using Cuvva? How frequently does, or do you anticipate, the most common Cuvva user to use the product and how much should they save on average?
@matthew_clementson Hi Matthew, thanks for asking. We have actually built a little calculator on the website. Cuvva for Owners is for anyone who doesn't use their car very much. People traditionally in higher risk brackets should save the most, but everyone should save a bit if they are a very infrequent driver. You can also use us to inexpensively build an NCB if you haven't got much of a driving history.
@matthew_clementson @_freddymac The customers who should see the most benefit should be younger people, those who drive infrequently, and those who have a decent number of years NCB. In theory you should be able to save money while driving up to about 20 hours per month, but it tends to be most cost effective when you're driving for 8 hours or fewer. In the most extreme cases, we've talked with people who will hopefully save £2k or more. Generally we're quoting "up to 70%" as the potential savings versus a traditional policy.
Cuvva launching pay-as-you-go car insurance aimed at infrequent drivers Story here -
@leanux_bala Thanks for hunting us Bala!
Awesome design!