Cute or Not

From BuzzFeed: Is your pet good looking or ugly as sin?

My pet is cute, so I like this app. ;)
@rrhoover I wish I could say we built this in less than a week, but I *would* be lying : ) But it did come out of a very quick sprint of a couple of weeks, and it's a similar approach we're planning to take on future apps. The basic inspiration was a part of the BF website from a few years ago that had been really popular (, and then thinking about how much more amazing the experience could be natively on mobile where visual creation and engagement is so much easier. In terms of the big decision re: trying something new vs. continuing to invest, this is something we're still very much discussing, especially as it relates to experimental apps. One nice thing about being a larger media company is that we have some flexibility, where we can have a dedicated stable of core apps (e.g. the existing BF app, the future News app, Video app, etc.) and then also separately run independent experiments. And as a content company, an app experiment isn't about swinging for the fences to create a new network (e.g. a new SnapChat or Instagram) — instead we see apps as forms of interactive content that can be designed for specific audiences/communities.
Well, apparently Product Hunt has officially jumped the shark.
@jshapes I was surprised to hear you and the recently acquired GoPop team made this considering you just joined BuzzFeed. Nice work. How are you deciding what to build inside the massive media publication and at what point do you decide to try something new or continue investing in one of the experimental apps?
This is so smart it's stupid. Love it