Cute Animal Tab

The cutest animals every time you open your browser

Cute Animal Tab is a chrome new tab theme that uses various social networks to show you cute animal pictures and videos every time you open up a new tab in your browser.

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Hello animal lovers! I would like to introduce to everyone a web app I have been working on called Cute Animal Tab. This app is a chrome new theme extension that shows you cute animal pictures every time you open up a new tab. It uses local storage to remember which animal category you click on last, this we you can always see your favourite type of animal. So basically you can look at cute puppies all day while your at work :) As an animal lover I wanted a new way of seeing the cutest animals without searching the web every time. So I came up with this new tab theme. I hope you like it :)
@adampickard Thanks for these cuties in my browser :)

Really nice and kid friendly too


Just easy to use bit of fun that is just nice to see in your day


Who finds snakes cute?

This was made for @AshleyLaurel 😊
@rrhoover Haha, thanks for tagging me!! GOLD!