Customerlabs CDP

Track, identify, segment & sync the customer data you need

CustomerLabs CDP helps marketers track, identify, segment & sync their customer data without writing a single line of code. Unify customer data across your marketing, sales & service channels. Create custom segments & sync them with your existing platforms.
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Thanks for the hunt Nichole. In this release, we support custom tags similar to Tag Manager and support custom JS call back functions triggers. Now you can send data to a whole lot of new marketing tools with a few clicks and sync your customer data.
@vishnuvvn what kind of marketing tools do you sync data to?
hey @brucekraftjr we can sync data with CRM(Pipedrive, Salesforce), Analytics(Mixpanel, Heap), Marketing(Adwords, Drip, Intercom) and data warehouses (Bigquery). We support both from javascript and cloud ways of sync.

Great software that instantly allows you to record visitors' actions and push the information to your desired SAAS platform. Low learning curve, and the support from the team is great - they'll help you resolve any issues, and their response time is very fast. Highly recommend!


Great features, awesome support team.


Nothing I can think of right now.

Appreciate taking time to post your comments Adrian. :)
Love this, will try it out.
@ivbran Would love to assist you. Please try and provide your feedback.
@ivbran Just noticed the Bell chrome extension. We should integrate.. Let's connect?
How does this compare to Heap Analytics or Segment? Does this require IT development to deploy/install?