Customer Inbox in Slack by Across

Turn Slack channels into a customer inbox and helpdesk

B2B customers love Slack because it lets them ping you any time, but Slack isn't a help desk or CRM, so it's a pain for you to manage. Across give you the tools to scale your customer channels natively in Slack
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Hey Product Hunt! 🐱 We use Slack as our primary way of speaking with customers. It's amazing in terms of establishing a direct line with them, but terrible for keeping track of customer requests and can get overwhelming. We built Across to fix that! Across gives you the customer inbox and help desk you needed to bring order to customer channels in Slack. We show you every untriaged message across all your customer channels in one place where you can create tasks that you can assign to your team, snooze messages for later or acknowledge them. The best part is that you never have to leave Slack! There's more: 🛡️Protect the rest of your team from wrangling customer messages. They can reply to tasks directly from an internal Slack channel without being in your customer channel ↔️ Two way integrations with Zendesk, Jira, Help Scout and more. Your team can directly chat with customers in Slack from their existing tools 📊 Metrics about how often customers are messaging you and how quickly you respond An increasing number of companies are offering shared Slack channels to their customers, and we believe this is the defacto way B2B companies will offer support in the future. We're building the tooling to scale that! Across is free for one user with no CC required, and takes less than 5 minutes to get started. Check it out 💪️
As more intercompany communication moves to platforms like Slack, Teams and Google Chat, we’re going to need more purpose built tools on top of them. Across is building for Slack what Zendesk did for email. Excited to see how this evolves!
We've been using Across at my startup for months now, and I couldn't recommend it more. It was incredibly easy to set up and get started right away.
This is awesome!! What kind of analytics are you all currently performing for each customer?
@garymlin Thanks! Right now, it's first response time, ticket resolution time, most active individuals on the customer side and yours by message volume and number of conversations initiated by the customer
I love it!! How’d you get the idea / what’s the inspiration behind this?
@ali_wetrill we were working on an SMS to Slack app for B2B companies and noticed everyone using Slack to provide priority support!