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Hi everyone! My name is Dane and I’m one of the founders of Sock Club, and we’re presenting Custom by Sock Club. Custom by Sock Club provides a high-quality solution for all of your marketing needs by delivering custom branded socks in a stress-free process. We offer complimentary digital mockups (before you pay a dime!), fast turnarounds, and a full-service design team, making the process simple and enjoyable for you. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, including Slack (yes, we’re the originators of the Slack socks), Airbnb, Keller Williams, SXSW, Periscope, ESPN, TechCrunch, Bumble, IFTTT, and Timehop, among many others. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime! Thanks!
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@danecjensen Hey Dane, love your socks. Which startup was the very first one to order socks for their company?
@eigenjoy Hey Nate! Thanks for your support. Great question –– Several of our early custom clients weren't actually startups, but the first startups that we made socks for were Act-On and Slack. We loved working on the IFTTT socks, and hope you guys are enjoying them!
@danecjensen Kool Stuff!! Might look you up once my startup launches and need some kool swag. Saved!
@techtosterone Awesome, Guarav! We'd love to support your launch with custom socks, whenever that may be. Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@sockclub.com at any time if you have questions. :) Best of luck as you prepare for the launch!
How many thread colors do you have access to, to use for a project?
@anderson760 Hi Joe! We have around 40 yarn colors on hand, and can custom-dye any other colors you want, for an additional fee. If you have further questions about the custom dye process, please reach out to us at hello@sockclub.com. Cheers!
@danecjensen @sockclub super excited, sending you an email now about custom-dyes
@anderson760 Awesome, Joe! Saw your email and just responded. Looking forward to working together.
I remember seeing the @producthunt sock & was almost ashamed of how much I was into that swag tho. Very impressive client base & design aesthetic, especially for being floated on a free @TypeForm account! Looking forward to my mockup, team @sockclub @danecjensen
:) Hah! Thank you for the very kind words and support @elizabethhunker. You've officially made our day! Looking forward to working with you. Cheers!
Add more info about the pricing? Typeform says min order is 120 socks, what's the base price for that? Would be good to know :)
@meld Looks like they updated the site. Price per pair for the min order of 120 pairs is $10.50
@soerenes @meld Thanks for your question Gabriel, and thanks for chiming in Thomas! Prices range from $6.55 to $10.50 per pair, depending on order quantity. As Thomas mentioned, socks are $10.50 per pair at the minimum order quantity of 120 pairs, but it actually breaks down to about $7.40 / pair for Product Hunters, with the special offer for 50 free pairs when you mention PH. :) You can find our entire pricing guide here: http://custom.sockclub.com/how. Let me know if I can answer any further questions!
@danecjensen @soerenes Thanks for the reply! I'd maybe put it somewhere a bit easier to see but other than that great site and product.
@meld @soerenes Thanks for your feedback, and the kind support Gabriel! We appreciate it.
Looks cool. Is there a difference between your service and Sock Swag?
@steve__gertz Thanks Steve! You bring up a great question. We’re the people that brought you Sock Swag two years ago, which we consider the 1.0 version of Custom by Sock Club. We recently rebranded the custom arm of our business to more directly align it under our parent company, Sock Club. By connecting our custom and consumer businesses more closely, our clients enjoy access to a professional design team (the same team that designs our own label of Sock Club socks), our fulfillment and shipping services, and ultimately, a smoother, more refined client experience. In short –– the lessons we learned in our first two years as ‘Sock Swag’ taught us what we needed to know to vastly improve upon our product, the level of design support we can offer, and the custom sock-making experience on the whole, leading to version 2.0: Custom by Sock Club. Happy to elaborate or answer any further questions you may have!