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Hi Hunters, I'm Ismail, one of the co-founders of We just finished our private beta and got hunted by surprise, so now we're opening up to everyone on Product Hunt . I would love to get your feedback! Start growing your SaaS business with referrals today. Thanks in advance!
@pelaseyed Congrats on coming out of beta :) Looks quite nice.
It'd be nice to see an example of the "beautiful referral landing page"
Hey @pelaseyed @alanzabihi - Just stumbled upon (@cursive_io) it looks impressive and I'm confused with your pricing! Also a demo showing the functionality would be helpful to understand the value-prop. I am mainly looking at integration with STRIPE and email marketing platform such as GET RESPONSE / MAILCHIMP :) I wanted to give a full trial first but you ask for credit card during on-boarding when I am not even clear about the product - perhaps you want to skip the billing part for later ;) Looking forward to hearing from you.
@athif @blovgren @pelaseyed @alanzabihi @cursive_io same thoughts here! Also, I think they abandoned the idea as I couldn't sign up (SSL issues) and none of the links on site work.
@famouslabs @athif @blovgren @pelaseyed @alanzabihi @cursive_io came here searching for referral software and I experienced the same. Seems like things are a step or two away from completely closed. Too bad, looked promising :/
@jayroh @famouslabs @athif @blovgren @pelaseyed @cursive_io we've discontinued Cursive to pursue other projects, but you should try out our friends over at Ambassador for your referral needs:
FYI, your FAQ link in the footer just takes you to the home page again.
This looks really nice but your SSL cert is expired. Is everything OK? Should we send help?