Culture Codes 2.0

Culture decks, employee handbooks and more all in one place

A re-launch of Culture Codes. The major changes in Version 2 include:

Handbooks - an entirely new section dedicated to employee handbooks and manuals that focus on policies & procedures.

Interviews - A new publication dedicated sharing learnings from growing organizations

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Thanks for the hunt, Dharmesh. Humbled to be hunted by the author of one of my favorite culture decks. We're very excited to launch Culture Codes 2.0. One of the major changes in this version is that we added an entirely new section for employee handbooks & manuals. Handbooks are different from culture decks in that they dive deeper into policies & procedures at a company and focus a bit less on culture, although a good handbook will have both. Handbooks are important because they lay out all the major rules of behavior for the workforce. Fred Wilson believes you can never do this too early: We also launched a new publication to share learnings from the HR & People Operations departments at scaling organizations. Most organizations are scaling with a team that is doing it for the first time, so hearing stories from others is useful. The goal is to dive deep into specific topics and learnings while growing an organization quickly. We have some great interviews lined up and if you know anyone else we should talk to or want to do an interview yourself, just let us know. There's also just lots of general improvements we made to the site. Happy to answer more questions here. And of course, thank you for your support. We're excited to share this with the community and hope it helps to have all these resources in one centralized place.
Great update! I'm looking forward to reading the new interviews and flipping through the handbooks. What's your favorite handbook so far? One suggestion–it would be nice to have culture decks and handbooks linked for companies who have both listed (e.g., Big Spaceship) on one page.
@kunalslab Good idea! We have the interviews linked to the companies now, but linking the handbooks and decks together makes sense too. Will try to get on that this week. It's hard to choose just one handbook, but my favorites are Basecamp, Gitlab and 18F. The layout is simple and the details is really good. Clearly lays out their policies & procedures. Interestingly enough, all three of those organizations are partly/wholly remote.
Very interesting tool to better know those companies.
Pretty sweet to have all of these accessible in one place! Nice job!
As far as you know, does it exist one project that tries to define the "Utopia Culture", one that tries to take the best parts of all best cultures. Although every company is different I think would be nice to underline the basic values that all "good companies" should have.