Deep Health Tracker - Beyond Steps and Weight

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Tests for inflammation, testosterone, fertility, Vitamin D, and whether you have the flu. Testing for all 5 requires spit, snot, and blood samples.
I think there's so much room for tech to contribute to health but not sure how much value is being added here. The cartridge pricing model seems fairly cost prohibitive - cartridges are single use & a 5pack of non-flu ones is $20. You're looking at anywhere from $20-$120/month in cartridge costs depending on how often you want to test, and most of the use cases (particularly for something like fertility) would require frequent testing to be really helpful.
It's expensive for sure—but I also don't think this is intended for the mainstream. You'd have to be pretty hardcore about quantified self to pony up the cash for this and be willing to do daily blood samples. That said, it's good to see the industry look beyond steps, sleep, and weight. At the risk of stating the obvious, nutrition is a critical component to personal health and a huge issue nationally, so if someone can prove that there's a way to drive meaningful behavioral change around nutrition, that will get lots of attention (and $$$$). I wonder how effective this will be compared to MyFitnessPal and other food tracking apps.
Hi, this is Clint, Cue founder and Chief Product Officer. Very cool to be featured on producthunt. We created Cue to enable anyone to discover health information about themselves, on demand. You choose how frequently you track. We believe there is valuable information at every level of tracking, because even 5 data points per month is far more information than has ever been previously available to consumers. And with this information, people can understand how food and activity impact their bodies and make better choices for themselves as a result. Currently, accessing your health information is not easy and not timely, so it's hard to make informed choices for yourself. We think Cue is a fundamentally better way for people to interact with their health and we're very excited to help shape the future of this space.