Cube.js is an open-source, modular framework for building analytics into your web apps. You can use Cube.js for internal business intelligence tools, or customer-facing analytics.
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Artyom Keydunov
Co-Founder & CEO at Statsbot
Hi everyone and thank you @msg for hunting us! Iโ€™m thrilled that weโ€™re finally launching Cube.js on Product Hunt today as a standalone product. It started as an engine to power Statsbot, but as it often happens, it turned out that people were much more interested in Cube.js itself, rather than Statsbot. There are a lot of great tools data engineers can use to build internal data infrastructure. But there is a lack of tools for software engineers who are building production, customer-facing applications and need to embed analytics features into these applications. We built Cube.js specifically to solve this problem. It is designed for customization and embedding. I want to thank all of our users for providing invaluable feedback, reporting bugs, and keeping us focused on building things that people want. Without all of you, Cube.js would never have happened. Today, Cube.js is the only open-source solution for embedded analytics on the market and Iโ€™m fascinated to see how fast it is growing. It is already deployed in mission-critical capacity across many industries ranging from finance to healthcare. Iโ€™m excited about what comes next and I am looking forward to continuing to help everyone build awesome applications on top of Cube.js.
Anton AbilovFront-end Tech Lead at Ardoq
We've been testing out CubeJS to power the analytics infrastructure at Ardoq and the first impression have been awesome! We had previously set up Redash to query Redshift manually, but we were worried that in the longer term maintaining all of the SQL queries manually could become a great burden. With CubeJS we have been able to define schemas and let Cube generate the queries on our behalf, which works suprisingly well. Most of our tech team is well-versed in JavaScript, so it doesn't feel like you need to learn a lot to be able to create the schemas. The documentation is very good and their website has a set of blog articles that showcase various use-cases for CubeJS where you can learn about other people's experiences. The team behind Cube have even set up a Slack community which is quite active - it's great to be able to talk to other people "in the same boat" or even the team behind the framwork when digging into the details. At first I was worried that CubeJS was too "immature" to be considered for our data pipeline, but my worries were unfounded.
@antonabilov Thanks for such comprehensive feedback!
Igor OzherelyevCEO, ColdEmail.Ai
looks amazing!
Alexey LandyrevProduct manager
We're building our analytics infrastructure at on top of Cube.js, using BigQuery, Postgres and MySQL as datasources and it's great! Built-in security contexts feature helped us to integrate Cube.js with our role based access control model with ease.
@landyrev Nice! Great to hear that!
Benjamin SehlFounder, Kotn
I've been a customer of their BI tool Statsbot for about a year now (and a free user for a while before that). Now building with Cube.js โ€” can't say enough great things. Everyone our team is able to make data-informed decisions and in-depth queries, without any additional technical resources.
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