Bot that writes CSS classes for HTML with deep learning

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I still don't get the use case. I guess a video demo would help :)
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CSSRooster takes your HTML code as input, including CSS styles, and then writes class names for your HTML tags by analyzing the patterns hidden in your code. CSSRooster helps to alleviate programmers from naming things and It was trained for about 3 days on a Core i7 MacBook Pro.
@rahulkapoor90 I'm assuming I would have to have named them things myself first, in order to have put the styling on my HTML elements in the first place... so it renames them and makes them easier for the next programmer to understand?
Next step would be to auto-generate cleanly-written CSS from mockups :)
@dfinzer that would be a real game changer
Bravo! Awesome tool :) would love to use it in my coming projects.