CSS Wand

Easy copy-paste beautiful CSS animations

#2 Product of the DayJune 13, 2019
Easy Copy-Paste Beautiful CSS animations that can be easily customized further at your own choice
An Open Source CSS Tool to make you development faster providing amazing UI
Help the app by starring it on Github: https://github.com/oliver-gomes/csswand/
  • Ernest Gerber
    Ernest GerberSenior UX/UI Designer at Hello Group

    Easy to use. Easy to understand.


    Need a lot more animations

    Love the idea. Could definitely see myself using this. As a designer I do not always want to figure out how to do this myself and having a place where I can go a copy already compliant and web ready css animations will make my life as a front end dev/designer much easier and faster.

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  • Erin Ben
    Erin BenWeb Entrepreneur, angle investor.

    Beautiful idea, easy to work with


    Missing a site footer? I would add many more animations

    Easy to use, I like it

    Erin Ben has used this product for one day.
@hotgeart thats even better :-D
@hotgeart @vladimirkusnezo Aiming to add more than just simple css style to differentiate, stay tuned for it :D !
I'm not the maker of this product. Just found it out there so I wanted to share it in case you find this helpful as it was to me :) Total credit to Oliver Gomes (https://github.com/oliver-gomes/...) for making this.
Awesome, thanks for hunting!
I like the idea :-) cut and paste of css animations
@erin_ben Yeah! Trying to make life easier and hunting for right css is time consuming on my end so created this :D
Perfect timing! I was about to make my own swing animation, but this saved some time.
@gabef Awesome! Glad to see it helping out :D