CSS Grid Generator

Simple tool to generate css grids

#1 Product of the DayMay 30, 2019
You can set the numbers, and units of your columns and rows, and I'll generate a CSS grid for you! Drag within the boxes to create divs placed within the grid.
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I'm the person who made this and someone asked me to claim it, how do I do so? New to ProductHunt. Thanks!
@sarah_drasner welcome, Sarah! 👋🏼 You should be tagged as the maker now.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan!
This is really useful as both a generator and a learning tool. It bridges the gap between what you can draw on paper and the code you can write. As someone who only uses CSS Grid occasionally and forgets the syntax, this is very helpful. I know what I want visually, and this makes it simple to both turn into code and check my mistakes.
Found this on Twitter. Huge time saver ❤
@ferminrp I saw this on Twitter and then later the same day shared to slack. Happy about seeing it on product hunt as well. Yea to Sarah Drasner and excited to finally figure out grid layout!

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Great design Gives younger developers a good example of CSS Grid concepts, with a visual component


None that I've seen as of yet

This is such a huge time saver, especially when if you're like me and you just hate anything CSS