Cryptoradar 2.0

Find the cheapest and best cryptocurrency marketplaces

Cryptoradar combines real-time cryptocurrency price comparison with crowdsourced reviews to find the best cryptocurrency marketplace for you. Think Kayak meets TrustPilot - but in the crypto space.

Compare more than 30 exchanges, across two fiat currencies (USD, EUR) and nine different cryptocurrencies and lots of reviews.

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Josef Moser
Josef MoserMaker@josef_moser · Founder of @corahealth & @cryptoradarco
Hi hunters 👋 Almost precisely half a year back we launched Cryptoradar (, a real time price comparison website for cryptocurrency marketplaces that helps you save 💵 with every of your trades. And it’s been quite a success, making #3 Product of the Day - thanks for your support 🤝 Now we’re back. Cryptoradar 2 is packed with new features to help you navigate the crypto world even smoother and is now a comprehensive platform, combining real-time 📈 price comparison (think “Kayak for cryptocurrency marketplaces”) with crowdsourced ⭐️ reviews (think “TrustPilot for cryptocurrency marketplaces”). Our mission is to build a strong community on Cryptoradar. To help it grow, all users contributing to the platform have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions 🤑, e.g. when reviewing an exchange. Cryptoradar 2 also makes it easier than ever to share affiliate links and wallet addresses using profile pages. Other highlights of Cryptoradar 2 include the introduction of new cryptocurrencies, exchanges and brokers and the Cryptoradar Collections - but to cut this short we’d like to point you to our Medium post which explains all new features in great detail: We’re looking forward to hear your feedback! HODL ON, Josias, Josef & Oliver
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano@aviggiano · Entrepreneur
Very nice update, especially with the filters and marketplace-like comparison of different exchanges
Oliver Korda
Oliver KordaMaker@1korda · Maker @ Cryptoradar
@aviggiano thank you