A real-time ranking of 500+ cryptocurrencies

CryptoLadder is a live ranking of over 500 cryptocurrencies — providing the quickest and easiest way for you to track how coins are performing against each other. Watch as coins move up and down the ladder in real-time!

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omg, 500 currencies already!
@dainiskanopa @tatyana_romanova Yes. Currently, there are 805 supported coins.
@tatyana_romanova @whitericewill Great time, when everyone is building coins.
Hi Product Hunters! CryptoLadder maker here. CryptoLadder is the first app to live rank cryptocurrencies, meaning that you can actually watch as coins move up and down the ladder in real-time. In addition to price, it also calculates and adjusts market share, market cap, and global market cap all on the fly and in real-time. My hope is that it will give everyday traders quick and easy access to real-time information so that they can make better decisions. Any changes are indicated by these 4 different color pulses: -Blue: Ranking just improved (5 fast pulses) -Yellow: Ranking just worsened (5 fast pulses) -Green: Price/market cap just increased (1 slow pulse) -Red: Price/market cap just decreased (1 slow pulse) This app was an experiment in real-time and I'm open to new ideas. I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions!
@whitericewill Hi will, submit cryptoladder to and I'll get it featured this week :)
@dylandamsma Great idea! Just submitted. Thank you.

It's a fun app! Basically a better version of Best way to casually update yourself on the crypto market I've seen so far. There are other solutions but they're all slower and less visually appealing.


Clean interface, fast data stream, lots of currencies


Needs better visuals for the expanded view. Specifically, more color and more charts

Chaos is a ladder.
@chrismessina and... the app has a new slogan!

Really nice app. contains 500 currencies.


easy to use, has everything in one place