Breed and collect adorable creatures using Ethereum


In CryptoKitties, users collect and breed oh-so-adorable creatures that we call CryptoKitties! Each kitty has a unique genome that defines its appearance and traits. Players can breed their kitties to create new furry friends and unlock rare cattributes.

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  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle JohnsonMaker of ReleasePage & UptimeBar

    Super cute kitties

    Web-app design and usability

    Learnt a load about the blockchain


    Could do with more searching and filtering options

    I've been reading and learning more about the blockchain recently and CryptoKitties has provided a hands on (and fun!) side to the learning and experimenting. I am fast learning about gas, transactions, contracts, and feeling more confident buying and selling using Eth.

    The UX and artwork is absolutely incredible! Not only are the kitties adorable, but all of the website illustrations and design decisions make developer me very happy.

    Super nice work guys. I am excited to see more advanced filtering and searching in the next version!

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  • Pros: 

    The CryptoKitties are so adorable! I also love that I've started learning about and earning cryptocurrency! It's a fun way to get involved!


    The kitties are all so cute I can't decided which ones to buy/breed!

    I didn't know much about blockchain or cryptocurrency, but now I'm actually interested and enjoying getting more information about it as I expand my CryptoKitties litter! It's so much fun seeing the kitten you get when you breed your Kitties! Their designs are so neat!

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  • Fadi Admo
    Fadi AdmoDigital Bricklayer @ Vulpos

    Best Crypto ever.


    When the kittens get babies there should be an ICO, cuz, blockchain, duh.

    Between all the noise in the current blockchain space CryptoKitties is the project we have been waiting for for such a long time. Not only differentiates CryptoKitties massively by capitalizing on the overseen Kitten-Space, also they have spent more effort in actually building a product than all the other projects combined. Also they seem to be one of the first DApss to invest heavily in UX and Design which is a great benefit for the whole DApps market overal. CryptoKitties: leader in the blockchain space.

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  • Pros: 

    The cats! The mechanics! The motivating philosophy! The ether I've made playing it!


    Blockchain tech still requires users to jump through a few hoops to get started. (e.g. MetaMask isn't perfect, but it's necessary to play)

    The game is genuinely fun and addicting, and from alpha to beta to the formal launch, there have been a swath of community-motivated improvements. I can't wait to see what it looks like in a year.

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  • Re:Prodactyl
    Re:ProdactylTech, Gaming & Coder Enthusiast

    - One of the inspiring use cases of blockchain technology in gaming.


    - Mechanics are barebones.

    - Needs more interactive gameplay.

    One of the early use cases that has been successful in showcasing blockchain technology for gaming. Commendable and inspiring many, however, more work can be done on the game itself, it needs more gameplay and interactivity for users.

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  • Pros: 



    Expensive. Most transactions fail. FAQ is misleading about costs.

    Suddenly over $8.00 to do anything -- $6 base to breed or sire, plus at least $2 in gas. . A few days ago it was only $1.00 to breed or sire. . Prices rise too quickly for newcomers to gain any traction. Stay away from this money pit.

    The FAQ makes it sound like breeding your own kitties is free other than the gas, but it's not. The base price has been rising each day. Cute little scam I guess..

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  • Pros: 

    Cryptokitties is a nice idea


    but it is in this fast crypto world very old.

    I would buy some Etherlamborgini or an cryptohorse. Have you ever thaught about, that the hype is over, and would start with a new project. The same with Bitcoin - I would buy Etherum.

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  • pinguino kolb
    pinguino kolbCEO and Co-Founder, Cuddli

    Adorable cats, super fun



    I've been playing since the alpha, and it's one of my favorite games of 2017. I learned a ton about ethereum and dApps because of cryptokitties.

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  • Rossi
    Rossiweb developer and tech enthusiast

    Possibly the most "fun" blockchain project to date

    Could contribute to adoption and understanding of crypto by "muggles"


    Could use a "save kitty for later" feature for keeping track of certain nifty kitties - and perhaps an "interest index"

    I love kittehhh!!!

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  • Pros: 

    Using new technology in a fun way.


    None if you are into learning something

    I am a middle aged woman totally enthralled by this application of the blockchain and so looking forward to where it will go!

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  • Pros: 

    Obsessed, everything


    ETH needs to scale, easier search in marketplace,

    Great start, this game is really fun.

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